small changes...bigger results

So here are a few changes I've made in our home that are so quick and easy, they don't really warrant blog posts all to themselves!  For example, we have a key holder in our mudroom that I basically got for free (that's what happens when you stay in the same apartment for four years during school.  Roommates come and go, and usually when they go they leave some stuff!). 

I like it, but given the fact that brighter colors were appearing in that room in the form of hanging vases, a mail holder, and a frame, I decided to give it some love.  Spray paint was on sale at Hobby Lobby last week, so I got a great shade called "Lagoon" and sprayed a couple of coats on.

Much better.  And yes, it is odd that for a household with only two adults, we have this many keys.  And no, we are not custodians.  :o)

And then while I was at Goodwill a couple of weeks ago, I found these cute hangings for my kitchen.  They kind of complement the other vintage-y looking stuff I have in there, and the set of three was only a few bucks.

And lastly, a cute dry erase board.  Just grab a frame and a pretty piece of paper to put in it, get a dry-erase marker, and write right there on the glass.  Easy peasy.


I actually did this several months ago, but since that was before I had this blog, I figured I'd add it anyway.  I found several tutorials where you can do this with fabric, but I found it much easier just to cut a piece of scrapbook paper to fit in the frame instead.  Plus that way, I could easily switch it out for another piece if I wanted.  So much prettier than the standard white dry erase board.  I just make sure the Sharpie's are nowhere near this thing.  :o)

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