my first painting attempt

So we have this blank wall in our living room that's been bugging me.  But I couldn't find anything that I liked to put there, so I decided to take a whack at painting something myself.  Please note that while I consider myself a somewhat artistic person, painting is NOT my forte.  Or something I even do...at all.  Usually fabric or scrapbook paper are my media rather than brushes and paint.  But for this I decided to go outside the box.

About a month ago Michael's had all their canvases on sale so I got a double-pack of them for really cheap.  They also had acrylic paint on sale too....score.  I liked the pattern on the placemat pillows I made a few months ago, so that was my inspiration:

Of course my finished product looks a tad different, wouldn't you say?  :o)

I wanted to use other colors that were in the room, so that's why there's green and a little red in there too.  Plus I searched online on how to create that cool textured look rather than having a flat, boring canvas.  Turns out all you have to do is glob the paint on the canvas, and then paint over it once it's dry.  I did that yesterday to make sure that heavy layer of paint globs got a chance to completely try, and then painted this stuff today.  Here's a close-up of one of the paintings since it's hard to capture them with my camera:

I tried to use a variety of shades and brushstrokes to make it more interesting...hopefully I achieved that goal.  So although I will never be art gallery material, at least I have something to hang on my living room wall now.  :o)

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