ivey league academy: week in review!

Here's what we did during the week of 1/29-2/2!

We took a sick day on the Wednesday of this week; Caleb had gotten sick the night before and I was starting to get a cold.

Reading:  We continued with Word Ladders, but starting February 1st, we switched gears with Caleb's reading practice.  I have our Pizza Hut Book-It materials but we kept forgetting about it, so for the month of February, Caleb will read 28 short books or readers out loud and then he will get his free personal pizza.  Caleb read Fly Guy and Super Fly Guy  and is very excited!

English:  We continued in our curriculum.  Caleb had a test this week and got everything right!

Spelling:  We continued in our Spelling You See book.

Word of the Week/Journal:  Our word for this week was "balderdash."

Math:  Caleb also had a test in math this week and did very well.

Bible:  We didn't get to Bible this week.  We might start a different book soon to keep interest and also to start our days off on the right foot!

Anatomy:  We continued our study of bones and joints this week.  I replaced Caleb's body outline with a sturdier juvenile-sized skeleton.  I put it together and glued it to posterboard so it won't rip as easily as the outline would have.  Plus this way we can add the other parts/systems we learn about rather than trying to draw all the bones first!  For our demonstration, we put one chicken bone in vinegar and left another bone alone; we kept both in the fridge for five days  and found that the vinegar-soaked bone had a rubbery, bendy feel.  I explained to Caleb that the vinegar had leached out the calcium in the bone, and how important it is to get enough calcium in our diets so our bones stay strong.

Countries:  We studied Russia this week.  Caleb filled out a fact sheet and also painted his own set of nesting dolls (I had found the kit online a few months ago).  For our recipe, we made sushki, which are slightly-sweetened ring-shaped cookies.  I mixed up the dough and then Caleb helped me roll dozens of balls of dough into rings.  He brushed them with egg wash and then I put them in the oven.  For fun, I threaded some baked cookies onto some string, which is how Russian bakeries sell sushki.  The taste was pretty good; they remind me of a shortbread cookie, and they're actually very good dunked into hot chocolate or coffee!

Caleb is smelling the dough.  :)

Extras:  Since Friday was Groundhog Day, we also did a fun craft and read a book!

Full-Size Printable Skeleton (eSkeletons)
Sushki Recipe (Olga's Flavor Factory)
Groundhog Craft (Housing a Forest)


ivey league academy: weeks in review!

Here's what we did the weeks of 1/15-1/19 and 1/22-1/26!

Reading:  Caleb continued reading out of his Kittens and Children reader and completing a Word Ladder a day.

English:  We did a cumulative review of what Caleb's learned so far, and then started in on Chapter 9.  He learned about capitalizing proper nouns, correct abbreviations, pronouns, and possessive nouns.  He also learned about when to use "I" or "me."

Spelling:  We continued in our Spelling You See workbook.  During this time we moved into more challenging dictation words.  All of the words I called out had the "__ __ a __" pattern, and Caleb seemed to have the most trouble with consonant blends that happened in the first part of each word (such as the "sl" in "slam").  Overall he's doing very well though.  We keep it very low-key so he doesn't get himself all stressed out.  I can tell he's really trying to hear the letter sounds, but sometimes he admits that he just doesn't hear it.  Soon I might get our letter and word tiles out again for extra practice....maybe the hand-on manipulatives will help him too!

Word of the Week and Journal:  We had the words "opinion" and "talented" during these two weeks. Apparently I forgot to take pictures of our vocabulary charts!

Math:  Caleb finished his first workbook and we moved on to the second half of math!  He's still doing well with multiplication as well as fractions which were just re-introduced.

Anatomy:  We began Volume 2 of the Sassafras Science Adventures, which focuses on anatomy.  The first week was basically an overview of what we'll be learning; I attempted to trace Caleb's outline so we could add the different body systems/parts we learn about to it (I might just print out a life-size skeleton and then add on to that!).  Then in the second chapter, the twins travel to Ethiopia and end up working with an archaeologist who teaches them about the skeletal system.  Similar to what we did in our zoology study, each lesson has an "anatomy record sheet" where the student writes down facts about each body part or system that's studied.  Caleb and I learned about the skull and the backbone specifically during the second week.  We did a fun science experiment with water balloons to see how the skull protects our brain; Caleb wrapped up one water balloon in bubble wrap and then we tried to throw it really hard to see if it would break (Caleb was all ready to get wet so Micah and I threw it in his direction!).  We also threw a water balloon without any protective covering.  Caleb also constructed a little backbone out of a cut-up egg carton and a pipe cleaner!

Countries:  We studied Iceland and Greece during this time.  For Iceland, we learned more about the Northern Lights since the northern part of Iceland is one of the places where they're visible.  Caleb and Micah then used watercolors to make their own Northern Lights.  I also made them "Icelandic hot chocolate" which is basically hot chocolate with sea salt added.  The boys only liked it once I added a bit more sugar to it; I think it was because I only had dark cocoa powder so maybe it was just too intense for them.  For Greece, we read a book about the ancient Olympics and then Caleb made a laurel wreath out of a paper plate (the athletes used to get laurel wreaths instead of the medals we see today!).  For our food, I found spanakopita in the freezer section at Target; it's basically spinach in a puff pastry shell and it was cheaper and easier than trying to make it from scratch.  I thought the boys would like it; they eat creamed spinach and who doesn't like a flaky crust?  But they were pickier than I thought.  So I ate one and we still have several more in the freezer for another time (luckily they were appetizer size so it wasn't a big waste!).

Extras:  During the second week, we also started a fun cartography/geography set called Legends & Leagues.  We have the Grade 1 set, which is a storybook plus a workbook with suggested activities.  The storybook itself is nicely illustrated, plus has the fun characters Mr. Latitude (who is very wide) and Mr. Longitude (who is very tall).  So far we've only done one activity; we learned about strip maps from ancient times and then Caleb made one showing the way from our house to church (though it's the scenic route; he wanted to include downtown Canton and our local Moe's!).  I'm going to pick and choose more activities for us to do as we have time since Caleb really likes maps and then we can see if we want to do the books for the latter grade levels.

Northern Lights Painting (The Pinterested Parent)
Icelandic Hot Chocolate Recipe (Savory Tooth)
Laurel Wreath Craft (Pretty Providence)


ivey league academy: week in review!


Here's what we did the week of 1/8-1/12!

Reading:  We continued with our Kittens and Children reader as well as daily Word Ladders.

English:  We did Chapter 8 in our English curriculum in which Caleb learned about book reports.  He learned about choosing a book to write about, and underlining the book title, the difference between the summary and your opinion, and how to tell "just enough" information.  By the end of the week he had completed his own book report on The Panda Puzzle, one of the "A to Z Mysteries" books.  I decided not to bother with a test for this chapter and just move on next week!

Spelling:  We continued in our Spelling You See workbook.

Word of the Week/Journal:  Our word of the week was "topple."

Math:  We continued in our Horizons Math workbook and had Test 8 at the end of the week.

Bible:  We finished up Lesson 8 in our Who is God? book.

Zoology:  We read the last chapter of our Sassafras Science: Volume 1.  The twins returned to their uncle's basement and their phones receive "bonus data" about the animals they had learned about.  I checked out library books about some of these topics, such as migration, camouflage/mimicry, food chains, etc.  Caleb also filled in a migration map in his workbook.  I'm going to order prints of the pictures I took during our different experiments and demonstrations so we can include those in his workbook as well.  We'll start Volume 2 (Anatomy) next week!

Countries:  We studied Norway this week.  We read a couple of fun Norwegian stories, as well as a nonfiction book so Caleb could fill out his fact sheet for his country notebook.  He colored and put together a Viking ship and we also gave Norwegian bread a try.  It's a very dense bread; it was very good while it was still warm (especially with a drizzle of honey!), but once it cooled down it was more like a doorstop!  :)

Viking Ship Activity (Teachers Pay Teachers) $1
Viking Bread Recipe (Raising Lifelong Learners)


ivey league academy: week in review

Here's what we did the week of 12/11-12/15!

This was a lighter week; we took a break from English and Bible, and only did one journal entry.  We also made Thursday our last day of school before Christmas break.

Reading:  Caleb continued to read out of our Kittens and Children reader.

English:  {break}

Spelling:  We continued in his Spelling You See curriculum.

Word of the Week:  Our word for this week was "lingo."

Math:  We continued in his Horizons Math workbook.

Bible: {break}

Zoology:  We spent one more week in the ocean habitat, learning about the blue whale and giant squid.  Caleb finished up the animal fact sheets, the ocean habitat map, the habitat sticker sheet, and his food chart.  For our demonstration, I made a "blubber glove" out of two ziploc bags (place a couple of scoops of shortening in one bag, then put your hand inside the second bag and push it into the first bag so it creates a lining of "blubber").  I used snow from our backyard to simulate the cold temperatures we'd been learning about.

We have one more summarizing chapter to go and then we'll be finished with the zoology curriculum!  For the second half of second grade, we'll continue with the Sassafras twins and learn about anatomy next.

Countries:  Our country for this week was Sweden.  We didn't get to read all of the books I checked out, but we did read The Tomten on my tablet and did a craft based on it.  We also made Swedish meatballs with gravy as well as kokosballs, which are very yummy no-bake chocolate-coconut balls.

Tomten Craft (What Do We Do All Day)
Swedish Meatballs Recipe (The Recipe Critic)
Kokosballs Recipe (The Petite Cook)
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