ivey league academy: week in review!

Here's what we did this week!

Reading:  We continued in Hooked on Phonics and learned more long vowel sounds, such as "ee," "ea," "ow," "oa," "ai," and "ay." Caleb does well as long as he doesn't rush!

Language Arts:  We finished Chapter 1 on Friday and did a review of what we've learned so far (sentences vs. fragments, finding the subject and action of a sentence, types of sentences, correct punctuation, and alphabetical order).  The next step is a test for Chapter 1, which we'll probably try on Monday.  I don't want Caleb to stress himself out but I also want him to get used to taking tests.

Journal/Word of the Week:  Our word of the week was "askew."  On Tuesday, Caleb wrote about his calendar being askew, and on Thursday he selected another part of an animal poem for his journal.

Spelling:  We did our Week 2 spelling list and activities and Caleb got 10 out of 10 words right on his test!

Bible:  We finished Lesson 1 ("Where Am I Building My Life?") this week.  The next lesson will focus on how we know what is true.

Math:  We continued in Caleb's math workbook and he had his first math test on Friday.  He only missed 5 points out of 149 possible points!  I think he could have done even better than that only he kept getting distracted and tried to talk to me or his brother.

Zoology:  We went to the African grasslands this week.  The curriculum focused on lions and cheetahs.  Caleb filled out animal information sheets in his workbook (the children in the story are required to enter accurate data on each animal in order to progress to the next thing!), and we also read several library books on them.  We also made a chart to use from here on out; we'll sort all the animals we learn about into groups based on what they eat (carnivores, herbivores, omnivores).  The teacher's manual has animal pictures in the back, so I copied them and cut them out so Caleb could glue them next to the animal names.  There are also pictures of each habitat, so after printing out the picture of the grasslands, I printed out the animal pictures on a full-sheet label to make them into stickers (I also gave them a little color!).  We'll be staying in the grasslands next week, so Caleb can then color in the habitat and stick the appropriate animal stickers on there.  Finally, we did a fun demonstration about how a cat's eyes reflect light; we covered one toilet paper tube with construction paper and one with foil, then shone a flashlight on each in a dark room.  The foil reflected the light better than the paper, just like a cat's eye would.

World Cultures:  This week's country was Mexico.  Caleb filled out a country fact sheet based on library book information plus more current information from the internet.  For our craft, we made pinata suncatchers using construction paper, tissue paper squares, and contact paper; I drew a rough outline of a donkey (the classic pinata shape!) onto the paper, cut it out from the middle, then stuck it onto the sticky contact paper.  Caleb stuck tissue paper squares all inside the donkey shape until there were no spaces, then I stuck another piece of contact paper over it.  It was cloudy outside that afternoon, but when I held the finished product up to the light, it was pretty!  Micah made a similar one in the shape of a snake.  For food, Caleb learned how to make guacamole and baked churros.  That same day, I made pork carnitas in the slow cooker and Mexican rice in my pressure cooker so we really had yummy food that night (and leftovers the next night!).

Art:  We didn't get to our art lesson this week, which is fine because the boys' Kiwi and Koala Crates came in that Wednesday so we worked on those.  Caleb's crate had a puppetry theme; I helped him construct a marionette puppet as well as a talking puppet (both kinds have interchangeable parts so the marionette can be three different animals and the talking puppet can be two).  Micah's was music-themed.  We made a xylophone and a little tambourine!

Country Notebook Page (Teachers Pay Teachers)
Pinata Suncatcher Craft (Inner Child Fun)
Baked Churros Recipe (Everyday Dishes and DIY)


ivey league academy: welcome to second grade!

School started back up this past week!  Here are this year's curriculum choices:

Reading/Phonics:  Hooked on Phonics, 2nd grade level
Language Arts:  BJU Press English 2
Spelling:  Building Spelling Skills 2 by Evan-Moor
Handwriting/Journaling: Primary Journal + Words I Use When I Write booklet
Vocabulary:  Word of the Week Pocket Chart

Math: Horizons Math 2
Bible:  Apologia "Who is God?" Volume 1

Science: Sassafras Science Adventures Volume 1 (Zoology) + recommended resources

Social Studies:  A few atlases + Pinterest-inspired activities and recipes + Eat Your Way Around the World for other recipes

Art:  The Usbourne Art Treasury

Other:  Since this was our first week, I decided to focus on the above subject areas to see if there is time or even need to add anything else.  We will probably add in a read-aloud chapter book soon like we have done for previous grades.  I also want to add more outside time (this week was overcast and rainy so it didn't happen!).

Our First Week!

You can't tell from this photo, but Caleb was actually excited to start second grade on Monday.  He just wasn't in the mood to smile.  :)

Reading/Phonics:  We jumped right into Hooked on Phonics.  Caleb had moved through the kindergarten and first grade levels pretty quickly before, but we hit a wall with the second grade level back in first grade.  Now that he has a little more reading experience under his belt, we returned to it.  He's doing so much better!  This first week focused on silent-e words; we pretended that the "e" was really a sneaky ninja.  He doesn't make a sound himself, but he makes the other vowel in the word say its name!  Caleb successfully read this week's stories and even read the first HOP book on Friday!

Language Arts:  This curriculum is great.  Each lesson is just a page, front and back, and each unit will focus on something different so hopefully it won't get too monotonous.  This week Caleb learned the difference between a sentence and a fragment, how to find the subject and action in the sentence, and different types of sentences (telling, command, and exclamation).

Spelling:  Since Caleb doesn't feel very confident with his spelling abilities, I got a separate workbook for that.  Each week has 10 new spelling words (plus an option to add in your own 2 bonus words), plus several activities to help memorize them.  I added a hands-on stamping activity as well since the "cover and spell" activity was more like a pre-test and made Caleb nervous.  He ended up getting all ten words correct on Friday's test!

Handwriting/Journaling:  Caleb completed two separate journal entries this week; he wrote about our "word of the week" and also copied a short poem about butterflies from our book Animals, Animals.  The booklet "Words I Use When I Write" has a list of commonly used words for each letter of the alphabet, plus more spaces to fill in additional words, so it acts like Caleb's own private spelling dictionary.

Vocabulary:  Since our pocket chart came with words more on level with third or fourth grade, I decided to create my own list of words for this year.  This week's word was "eager."

Math:  I think this is the area where Caleb feels the most comfortable right now!  Math comes pretty easily for him, plus the curriculum kind of has a built-in review at the beginning of the year, so no new concepts yet.

Bible:  The curriculum is a little more involved, so right now we're doing three lessons a week in case we have to catch up on something by Friday.  This week we started learning about the parable of the wise and foolish builders, and what is means to build your life on the Rock.

Science:  We read Chapter 1 of the Sassafras Science Adventures book.  It's a fictional story with animal facts mixed in, so I'm hoping it'll be a fun way to learn.  Caleb wrote down the definitions of "classification" and "observation" in his logbook's glossary, and we also read a couple of books from the library about how animals are sorted into groups.  I added in a fun sorting activity as well.

World Cultures:  This week's country was Canada.  Caleb filled in a notebook page about Canada based on information provided in a library book plus Mommy's tablet.  We also read a couple of library books featuring some of Canada's animals, and Caleb constructed six different paper bag animal puppets (puffin, owl, moose, beaver, fox, and bear).  We also got into the kitchen to make two recipes inspired by Canada; the first was "poutine," which is french fries with cheese and gravy on top.  This was a hit with everyone, though Micah requested ketchup with his.  The second was a maple-iced oatmeal cookie.  We actually made these when we studied Vermont last year, but Caleb pointed out that Canada makes a lot of maple syrup too (and there's a maple leaf on their flag!) so we made them again.

Art:  I decided to try to do Art on Fridays.  The Usbourne book I got has a different artist and/or style for each lesson.  This first lesson was about the painting style of Vincent Van Gogh.  Caleb learned about how Van Gogh used intense colors, and kept his paint very thick with the brush strokes showing.  The inspiration for his "swirly landscape" was from Van Gogh's "Starry Night."  He used posterboard, washable paint, paintbrushes, and a plastic fork for texture.  He really enjoyed this!



ivey league academy: first grade wrap-up!

Better late than never...here's our last two weeks of first grade for Caleb!

Reading:  Already finished!

Spelling:  We did Weeks 35 and 36 of our spelling curriculum and finished!

Handwriting:  We continued our joke-a-day handwriting practice.

Vocabulary:  Already finished!

Math:  Caleb finished Workbook 2!

Bible:  We continued reading Leading Little Ones to God.  We might do more of it this summer as well.

Read-Aloud:  We read Prince Caspian, the next book in the Chronicles of Narnia series, and also watched the movie to compare (LOTS of differences!).  Caleb wants to continue reading the series through the summer.

Science:  We learned about decomposition and volcanoes.  We made our own compost using dirt, leaves, and kitchen scraps.

We didn't do much with volcanoes except for watching "The Magic School Bus" episode on it.  By that time it was the last week of school and Caleb wasn't all that interested!

U.S. Geography:  We managed to get to the rest of the states!  We learned about Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii.

When we had finished every last assignment, I proudly handed Caleb a certificate and congratulated him on finishing the first grade!

I think we're both excited for a break this summer!  I did get a fun summer workbook and I know we'll have lots of reading practice with library books, but it's nice to have a break from formal curriculum for a bit.
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