ivey league academy: week in review!

We're on a fall break this week (after nine weeks of school I figured we could both use a break!), but here's what we did last week!

Reading:  I decided to try another literature-based reading curriculum with Caleb.  I find he does better (and stays more engaged) if there's a story to read and hands-on activities to do along with it.  So we started a fun book I found at Goodwill awhile back; it's the teacher copy so I just make copies of the pages we need.  This week's book was Cliffored at the Circus by Norman Bridwell.  We checked out a library copy and Caleb read it through with minimal mistakes!  Then every day we'd do a different activity related to the book, such as a word search, putting events in order, etc.  Then at the end of the week he made a fun evaluation of the book in the shape of a bag of popcorn.  In addition to this curriculum, we're also going to do a "word ladder" every day to help Caleb's spelling and sounding out words skills.

Language Arts:  This week Caleb finished his final draft of writing instructions, and then we reviewed for our Chapter 4 test which he did very well on.  This curriculum often has cumulative reviews as well, which I've decided to take advantage of since I don't want Caleb to forget what he learned.

Spelling:  We did Week 9 of his spelling workbook and he got all his words correct on his test!

Word of the Week/Journal:  Our word of the week was "dilemma."

Math:  We continued in his math workbook.  He had his fourth math test and he got 100%!

Bible:  We started Lesson 5 of our Who is God? curriculum, which focuses on the three Persons of the Trinity.

Zoology:  We continued our stay in the Amazon rainforest this week, and learned about poison dart frogs and blue morpho butterflies.  Since both of these animals undergo metamorphosis, we also discussed that.  Our scientific demonstration for this week was to continue observing our caterpillars, who ended up in their chrysalises by the weekend.  I waited a few days and then transferred them to the butterfly habitat this week.  I'm worried that some of the caterpillars died since only one chrysalis was attached to the lid when I transferred it (it also wiggled while I moved it, which is a good sign!).  I went ahead and transferred the others and placed them on paper towels near the walls of the habitat just in case they're alive and just ended up on the floor of the cup!

Countries:  This week we studied Peru.  Caleb filled out his country fact sheet and we also tried making alfajores, which are shortbread cookies with dulce de leche sandwiched between.  The cookie dough ended up too sandy in texture to work with even after chilling, so instead I made a roasted Peruvian chicken for dinner one night.  That ended up delicious!  For our activity, I let the boys watch "The Emperor's New Groove" for fun....it takes place in what is now modern-day Peru, and even though it's fictional some of the architecture, customs, and rainforest habitat still shows through.  I printed out pictures of llamas for the boys to color as they watched.

Read-Aloud:  We finished The 65-Story Treehouse this week.  Our library doesn't have any more in the series yet, so I told Caleb he could pick something else.  His choice was a nonfiction book about Lewis and Clark!  So we started reading that.

Peruvian Roasted Chicken recipe (I Breathe I'm Hungry)


ivey league academy: week in review!

Reading:  Caleb finished the 2nd grade level of Hooked on Phonics this week!  He was very excited.  We'll continue to practice reading and phonics using other curriculum starting next week.

English:  This week we learned about time-order words ("first," "next," "finally," etc.) and how to write out instructions for something.  Caleb chose to write out instructions on how to make popcorn in the microwave.  I helped him with the planning, drafting, and revising/proofreading stages.

Spelling:  We did Week 8 of his spelling workbook and Caleb got 10 out of 10 correct on his test!

Word of the Week/Journal:  This week's word was "ruckus."  Caleb chose to write about the "ruckus" between two characters in the Narnia series!

Math:  We continued in his math workbook.

Bible:  We finished Lesson 4, or "What is God Like? Part 2."  We made another mini-book about God's attributes.

Zoology:  This week we started our unit on rainforests, specifically the Amazon Rainforest.  We learned about sloths and toucans.  Caleb filled out animal fact sheets based on what we learned from the curriculum as well as library books, and we also found short videos on YouTube.  Our science demonstration was a "rainforest in a bottle."  I cut an empty two-liter bottle in half and Caleb helped me put small rocks and potting soil in the bottom.  I then took a few weeds from the backyard (making sure to keep the roots and leaves intact) and "planted" them in the soil.  We watered the soil and then taped the top of the bottle back to the bottom.  We put it on the kitchen windowsill where it would get lots of sunlight.  After just a day, we could see water droplets forming, and we could tell that the mini-environment inside the bottle was warm and humid, just like an actual rainforest.

We also sent away for our "cup of caterpillars" for our butterfly habitat and they arrived this week.  We'll be studying the life cycle of the butterfly (as well as the frog) next week so this will be fun to watch.  It's amazing how fast the caterpillars grow after just a few days!

World Cultures:  This week we learned about Colombia.  It's nice that our science is overlapping with our country study right now!  We learned about Colombia's flag and other facts, and also more about the pink dolphins living in the Amazon.  I printed out a regular dolphin art project, which Caleb colored pink and cut out (he cut off the top fin; pink Amazonian dolphins have different physical characteristics than the dolphins we're used to!).  He also helped me make a coconut-lime smoothie as a snack.  He drank some of it but didn't care for it (I think the texture of the coconut milk was a little much for him).  Over the weekend I made baked beef empanadas, which turned out very well!

Read-Aloud:  This week we started The 65-Story Treehouse by Andy Griffiths. 

Dolphin Printable Craft (Learn Create Love)
Colombian Coconut Lime Smoothie Recipe (Katie at the Kitchen Door)
Baked Beef Empanadas Recipe (A Girl's Guilty Pleasures)


ivey league academy: week in review

Here's what we did this week!
One highlight...the boys' activity crates from KiwiCo came this week!  They come on a monthly basis; Micah's was pirate-themed and Caleb's was "another way of seeing things" (optical illusions and things like that).  There's something different every time so they're usually excited when we get another one!

Reading:  Caleb is almost done with Hooked on Phonics!  The 2nd grade level is shorter than the other levels.  This week we reviewed sounds such as "spl," "squ," "kn," "wr," and soft "c" and "g."  We have a few more pages, a story, plus a book left, then we'll try something else.  I also encourage Caleb to read on his own; this morning before I got up he got into bed with me and started reading one of his books out loud.  He finished it later on during lunchtime and has asked me about five times if I want to read it too, so I'm going to read it and then I joked with Caleb that we could discuss it like we have a book club!

Language Arts:  This week he had a test and he did better.  We started the fourth chapter in his workbook, which right now focuses on writing instructions using time-order words ("first," "then," "finally," etc.).  He wrote out the steps of making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and we also discussed the importance of putting all the steps in the right order.

Spelling:  Caleb did Week 7 of his spelling words and got 9 out of 10 correct on his test!  He only missed "gave," and as usual, he had the correct letters but in the wrong order.  Later on at the library I overheard him ask Micah how to spell "tiger" (so thankful that Caleb wasn't embarrassed that his younger brother knew how to spell a word and he didn't!), and told me later that he didn't know there was a "g" in "tiger."  I asked him if he could hear the "guh" sound in the word, and he said no.  Not sure if this is something that just comes with practice or what.  I can tell he knows how to read and/or spell words by memory, which is fine, but he's going to have to know how to sound out words too!

Word of the Week/Journal:  Our word of the week was "gaze."

Math:  We continued in his workbook.  He had his third math test on Wednesday and only missed one problem!

Bible:  We started Lesson 4, which is the second part of "What is God Like?"  We discussed more attributes of God, such as omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence (the book also provided easier versions of these words, such as "all-knowing," "always present," and "all-powerful").  On one day, we made a Mobius strip (a loop with a curve in it) so show that God has one "side" (He's always good) and no end, just like the strip.  I also helped Caleb with a crossword puzzle.

Zoology:  This week we continued our study of the farm habitat and learned about chickens and spiders!  For the demonstration, I wasn't a fan of the suggested activity in the book (leave half an apple in a jar without a lid outside and see if insects help break it down...a great experiment, but it didn't really have a lot to do with spiders!), so I searched online and found something a little more fun.  I had Caleb drop a sugar cube into a clear disposable cup I had drawn a web on; I told him the cup was his web and the sugar cube was a bug that just got stuck.  We then poured a little leftover grapefruit juice on top of the cube (just enough to cover it), and I explained to Caleb that once a bug is trapped, the spider uses its fangs to inject digestive juices into the bug to make it easier to ingest.  We used a drinking straw to "stab" the cube, and once it was mostly dissolved I told Caleb to be the spider and suck up the bug!  Once he drank it up, there were a few undissolved sugar deposits on the bottom, and I told Caleb that was like the bug's wings and other body parts the spider doesn't eat.  Overall it was a fun way to demonstrate how a spider eats!  We also watched the original "Charlotte's Web" for fun.

World Cultures:  This week's country was Venezuela.  Caleb filled out his country fact sheet and we read some library books, including one about Angel Falls, the world's tallest waterfall which is located in Venezuela. We also listened to traditional Venezuelan music called "joropo," which features a guitar, harp, and maracas.  I've been using Pandora on my tablet to access music from a lot of the countries we've studied so far (reggae from Jamaica, salsa from Cuba, samba from Brazil, etc.). For a craft, we worked on torn paper collages of Angel Falls, and for the food, I made a shredded Venezuelan beef recipe I found in Cook Your Way Around the World, only I used my slow cooker to cook the beef ahead of time.  Caleb also helped me make the Brazilian cheese rolls that we were supposed to make last week; I found the tapioca flour at Publix and it's a very easy recipe to follow.  Neither kid liked the cheese rolls (go figure) but they seemed to like the beef, which I served on white rice.

Read-Aloud:  We read The 52-Story Treehouse by Andy Griffiths this week.

How Does A Spider Eat? Activity (Being Great With Mrs. Bates)
Angel Falls Collage (Kid World Citizen)
Brazilian Cheese Rolls Recipe (Our Best Bites)


ivey league academy: week in review!

I finally changed the chalkboard this week!  The movie "Rio" was the inspiration; we watched it this week as part of our study of Brazil and one of the boys' favorites quotes is when the main character complains that all samba songs sound exactly the same to him (then chants "tico, taco, yah, yah, yah!" to prove his point).

Reading:  We kept plugging away at Hooked on Phonics.  Caleb practiced some of the more challenging sounds this week, such as "igh," "shr," and "scr."

English:  We finished up Chapter 3 this week and did a review on Friday.  Caleb learned about common and proper nouns, capitalizing titles, and how to separate nouns in a series with commas.  There's also a cumulative review that covers what we've learned so far this school year, so I think we'll do that first thing next week and then do the Chapter 3 Test.  If it were a math test, I'd be fine with Caleb doing a test on a Monday, but language arts confuses him a bit so I'd rather not jump into a test after a weekend without more practice first.

Spelling:  Caleb learned List 6 of his spelling words.  He got 8 out of 10 correct on his test.  He spelled sheep as "seep" and queen as "qeen."  This is telling me that he still often relies on reading by sight rather than sounding out the word, since he remembered most of the letters of the words but not all.  We'll continue with this curriculum though because overall he's doing so much better!

Word of the Week/Journal:  Our word this week was "variety."  Caleb wrote about his bird feather collection, plus part of a bird poem.

Math:  We continued in his Horizons math workbook. 

Bible:  We continued learning about the question, "What is God like?"  We learned about God's attributes and how that relates to ourselves, and at the end of the week we made an envelope to paste into his journal; inside the envelope were little pages where Caleb wrote his answers to the questions the book asked this week ("Does God exist?" "How many gods are there?" "What does God look like?" and "Is God a person?").

Zoology:  This week the Sassafras twins went to a Canadian farm!  We learned about cows and bees.  Caleb filled out his animal report sheets for each animal and also put them on our food chart.  For our scientific demonstration, we made butter in a jar!  The directions in my manual were odd (they had you add water with the cream but then also had you periodically pour it back out), so I looked it up on Pinterest and found that really, you just add cream to a jar (and a little salt if you want), then shake it!  Randall was home from work that day due to Hurricane Irma, so he also helped with the shaking.  After several minutes, we could feel it getting thicker, but when we opened it up we saw that it was whipped cream.  After a few more minutes of shaking, we had butter!  It's very good too...I've been putting it in our rice and on top of biscuits and toast all week.

We also colored in beehives later on that week, and looked up a video on "waggle dancing," which is a dance bees engage in to communicate to each other.  When a bee finds a great flower with lots of nectar, it flies back to the hive and gets the other bees' attention.  Then it does a figure-eight kind of dance while wiggling around; scientists have studied the movements and have found that the dance tells the bees how far to fly AND at what angle in relation to the sun!

World Cultures:  This week's country was Brazil.  Caleb filled out his country fact sheet and we read a few books from the library.  As mentioned before, we watched our copy of "Rio," which takes place in Brazil and also prominently features Rio de Janeiro's annual "Carnival" festival.  It's a funny, entertaining movie and while it's fictional (the main characters are talking birds!), the animators did a great job showing the landscape and culture of Brazil (including the famous Christ the Redeemer statue).  One night I also made a Brazilian meat stew out of the Eat Your Way Around the World cookbook.  I wanted to make cheese rolls (pao de queijo) as well, but they call for tapioca flour and I couldn't find it at first.  I've gotten a few leads about stores that carry it so if I find it we'll just make them during the next week or so.

Read-Aloud:  We read The 39-Story Treehouse by Andy Griffiths this week, and have the next installment ready for next week!

Butter in a Jar directions (Little Bins for Little Hands)
Beehive Printable (Pattern Universe)
Honeybees Waggle Dance Video (YouTube)
Country Report Sheet (Teachers Pay Teachers)
Carnival Masks Printable (A Moment in Our World)
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