merry chris-mix!

Yeah, it's been a month since my last blog post.  Sorry.  This time of year is just crazy!

My almost three-year-old is really getting into the whole Christmas thing.  Or as he says, "Chris-mix."  Next year I want to start an advent calendar or Jesse tree tradition with him, but for this year, I decided to try that felt Christmas tree that's been all over Pinterest.  Seemed easy enough; cut a big tree out of green felt, then cut out felt ornaments to match.  Only thing is, I still haven't gotten to the store to get Command strips, which I've been told not only hold the tree to the wall, but also come off easily without damaging the pant.  I tried something similar from Scotch (these poster sticky things), but sadly they didn't do the job.  Luckily my kid was excited enough about playing with it on the floor.

He started telling me what the different shapes were, as well as their colors.  He ended up carrying them two-by-two to the coffee table and lining them up.  Then when I told him it was time to clean up, he carried them back to the tree.  It was only after he was in bed when I noticed that he actually put them back on pretty well:

And don't laugh at my ornaments (especially that sad-looking star).  I really could have done better, but at the time I just didn't feel like investing more than fifteen minutes into this.  :o)

Things are slower in my Etsy shop lately, but that's fine by me.  I really like this time of year so in the end I decided it was better to just enjoy it with my family instead of being swamped with orders.  I still have some ready-to-ship reindeer shirts available but I don't think I'll be making any custom ones!

I also had the opportunity to make a custom tree pillow cover for an Etsy customer.  She liked the Christmas tree one I did (which incidentally sold last week!), but wanted it in red to match her guest room decor.  I was happy to oblige and I really like how it turned out!

And finally, I snagged a couple of Christmas placemats on sale at Kohl's a couple of weeks ago to make cheap and easy throw pillows.  I just ripped out a few inches of stitches, stuffed it, and then sewed it back up. I only had enough stuffing for one but I like it!

Might put a little more stuffing in the second one once I get to it.  I love the pop of the red and the holly leaves (which make it look like I put WAY more work into this pillow than I actually did!).  And my kid loves throwing it off the couch; I swear he must take the term THROW pillow literally.  :o)
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