thrifty finds: decorative shelves

About a month ago I found a set of three shelves at Goodwill.

They were white and pretty scratched up...but for less than three dollars I figured I could fix them up a bit.

I wiped them down and then spray-painted them dark brown since I wasn't really digging the white color.  I had some issues with the paint bubbling up on the smallest shelf (I think maybe I held the can a little too close to the shelf while it was spraying), so I sanded it down once it was dry and added another coat.  You can still see it a little, but it's not bad.

Since I have no idea when I'll get around to hanging these up (which means, I have no idea when I'll get around to nagging my husband to help me hang them up!), I'll show you the finished product now.

Not too shabby.  And they definitely give me a good excuse to look for more cheap knick-knacks like this vase and candleholder (found at Goodwill and Ross, respectively).  I'll have to post another picture when they're all hung up!

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