ivey league academy: week in review!


Here's what we did the week of 1/8-1/12!

Reading:  We continued with our Kittens and Children reader as well as daily Word Ladders.

English:  We did Chapter 8 in our English curriculum in which Caleb learned about book reports.  He learned about choosing a book to write about, and underlining the book title, the difference between the summary and your opinion, and how to tell "just enough" information.  By the end of the week he had completed his own book report on The Panda Puzzle, one of the "A to Z Mysteries" books.  I decided not to bother with a test for this chapter and just move on next week!

Spelling:  We continued in our Spelling You See workbook.

Word of the Week/Journal:  Our word of the week was "topple."

Math:  We continued in our Horizons Math workbook and had Test 8 at the end of the week.

Bible:  We finished up Lesson 8 in our Who is God? book.

Zoology:  We read the last chapter of our Sassafras Science: Volume 1.  The twins returned to their uncle's basement and their phones receive "bonus data" about the animals they had learned about.  I checked out library books about some of these topics, such as migration, camouflage/mimicry, food chains, etc.  Caleb also filled in a migration map in his workbook.  I'm going to order prints of the pictures I took during our different experiments and demonstrations so we can include those in his workbook as well.  We'll start Volume 2 (Anatomy) next week!

Countries:  We studied Norway this week.  We read a couple of fun Norwegian stories, as well as a nonfiction book so Caleb could fill out his fact sheet for his country notebook.  He colored and put together a Viking ship and we also gave Norwegian bread a try.  It's a very dense bread; it was very good while it was still warm (especially with a drizzle of honey!), but once it cooled down it was more like a doorstop!  :)

Viking Ship Activity (Teachers Pay Teachers) $1
Viking Bread Recipe (Raising Lifelong Learners)


ivey league academy: week in review

Here's what we did the week of 12/11-12/15!

This was a lighter week; we took a break from English and Bible, and only did one journal entry.  We also made Thursday our last day of school before Christmas break.

Reading:  Caleb continued to read out of our Kittens and Children reader.

English:  {break}

Spelling:  We continued in his Spelling You See curriculum.

Word of the Week:  Our word for this week was "lingo."

Math:  We continued in his Horizons Math workbook.

Bible: {break}

Zoology:  We spent one more week in the ocean habitat, learning about the blue whale and giant squid.  Caleb finished up the animal fact sheets, the ocean habitat map, the habitat sticker sheet, and his food chart.  For our demonstration, I made a "blubber glove" out of two ziploc bags (place a couple of scoops of shortening in one bag, then put your hand inside the second bag and push it into the first bag so it creates a lining of "blubber").  I used snow from our backyard to simulate the cold temperatures we'd been learning about.

We have one more summarizing chapter to go and then we'll be finished with the zoology curriculum!  For the second half of second grade, we'll continue with the Sassafras twins and learn about anatomy next.

Countries:  Our country for this week was Sweden.  We didn't get to read all of the books I checked out, but we did read The Tomten on my tablet and did a craft based on it.  We also made Swedish meatballs with gravy as well as kokosballs, which are very yummy no-bake chocolate-coconut balls.

Tomten Craft (What Do We Do All Day)
Swedish Meatballs Recipe (The Recipe Critic)
Kokosballs Recipe (The Petite Cook)
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