initial throw pillows

Here's a project I did yesterday.  I had leftover fabric from making that quilt for our bed a few months ago, so I "splurged" on some 14X14 pillow forms and made a few initial pillows with them.  I say "splurge" because they weren't on sale at Jo-Ann, but I paid for them with a gift card so it wasn't too painful.  I guess I could have just used polyfill, but I like the nice clean, non-lumpy look of pillow forms better.

Around Christmastime I found a nice set of chipboard letter stencils at Ross for only $3.99, so I used those to make the letters and the ampersand.  Once I had the applique part done, it was just a matter of sewing up the pillow covers, stuffing the pillow forms inside, and then hand-sewing the open sides shut (that last part seemed the most tedius, but luckily with the dark fabric and dark thread it didn't have to look perfect!).

So here they are.  Now, I'm not a huge fan of throw pillows on a bed.  Nor am I a huge fan of pillow shams.  I guess usually if something's on my bed and it doesn't serve an actual function, I get annoyed when it's time to take it off to go to bed or put it back on there when I make the bed.  But I made an exception in this case; they help pull everything together, and they disguise the fact that yes, those are in fact our sham-less pillows sitting up at the head of the bed. :o)

And yes, the walls in our master bedroom are now a lovely shade of green.  We're still putting the finishing touches on the paint job, so once everything's back to normal I'll take more pictures of the room!

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  1. How did you put the initials on the pillows? I'm very non-crafty, but would love to do this! :)


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