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Before you get too impressed and think I did this project "from scratch," let me clue you in on just how easy this was.  I started with an old French memo board I've had since college.

I've used it for years to hold appointment reminders, important notes, and pictures.  While I liked the function of it, I was getting tired of the flowers.  So yesterday I took the plunge and started taking it apart.  Turns out it was fairly easy; there was a very thin layer of batting-like material glued to the back that I just gently ripped off while keeping it in one piece (just in case).  Then it was just a matter of cutting the ribbons and prying out the tacks.  I kept the original fabric on there because I was going to cover it up anyway.  Which I did with some fabric I already had on hand.

Yeah I used a staple gun.  For the first time EVER.  It was exciting, nerve-wracking, and strangely satisfying all at the same time.  It helped to know that no one would ever see the back so I could be as liberal with the staples as I wanted to be.

Already looking better.  I had to wait at this point because I wanted brown ribbon but didn't have any.  A quick trip to Hobby Lobby this morning fixed that (and it was 50% off too!).  Stapling the ribbon on there was pretty easy; I used a picture of the original board plus the indentations that were still in there to figure out where to place everything.

For the tacks, I used some simple upholstery tacks leftover from this project.  The one in the center was the toughest to hammer in because there was skinny piece of wood glued to the back.  So it's a tiny bit lopsided but it's not immediately noticeable.  The other ones went in very easily with some taps with the hammer, but the sharp ends were poking out of the back.  So I brought out my hot glue gun and simply glued the ends in place, then encased the points in more globs on hot glue.  Not the neatest looking thing ever, but it works.

After that I hot glued and stapled the original backing fabric back on (I used both because I was on my last glue stick and the glue gun was literally running on fumes, so I attached a few staples to make sure everything would stay).

And there you have it!

I like this version better.  If I had known it would be this easy and inexpensive I would have done it a long time ago!  Total cost:  $1.00 for the ribbon; everything else on hand.  :o)

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