"two of hearts" necklace

The other day I found a couple of heart charms at Hobby Lobby...they're really supposed to be part of a toggle clasp for bracelets, but I had another purpose for them.  You know those really cool necklaces that "fasten" in the front by interlocking the two ends with  pretty charms?  Turns out they're called "lariat" style necklaces, and after playing around with several inches of chain and a couple of jump rings, I think I figured it out.

{Sorry you have to see my freckles.  I really need to find a better model for my jewelry.  I'll let you know how that goes....}

I really like it.  I'll have to be on the lookout for other kinds of charms to use for this kind of thing.  In the meantime, if this doesn't sell on my facebook page I'm probably keeping it for myself. :o)


  1. Um, is there something wrong with freckles????

  2. haha no. i was just self-conscious is all. :o)


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