sunburst bracelet

I've been experimenting more with jewelry-making lately.  This week I decided to take the plunge and go beyond my typical, single-stranded bracelet.  I found a beautiful red and silver charm at Hobby Lobby....on clearance for 88 cents!  I liked that it had the hook in the back and not on top.  So all I did was round up all of my red beads (along with some neutral colors that coordinated well) and created this triple-stranded beauty.

It's technically for sale through my Facebook page, but I might keep it for myself if no one snatches it up (so far I've gotten a few requests for different colors though!).

Total cost:  88 cents since I had the other beads and hardware on hand.

Before this I also tried a double-stranded bracelet with some brown beads:

It ended up longer than the bracelets I normally make, but I still love it.  This one was "free" because I had everything on hand too.  Now if I could just figure out how to make earrings I'd be all set.  :o)

Linked up to Creations by Kara and A Little Tipsy!


  1. Cute. I too have been into the jewelry making thing.....I love it. This is really nice.


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