dry-erase love-note message board

I saw this idea online recently and loved it.  I think it's technically supposed to be for your kids, but I don't see why it can't work for husbands and wives as well! 

My husband and I often leave handwritten messages on our bathroom mirror with a dry-erase marker.  I thought it would be a cool idea to have a dry-erase message board in there, complete with a prompt.  Kind of like romantic Mad Libs.

I took this frame off the wall and got rid of my attempt at scrapbook paper abstract art from a few years ago.  I also got rid of the white matte.

Then I just pieced some coordinating scrapbook papers together and used a blue-green sharpie to freehand the letters.  And you can probably tell I freehanded all the letters.  Oh well, that just makes it more special.

Our bathroom gets GREAT lighting, can you tell??
So now all we have to do is write on the glass with a dry erase marker.

And just think of all the ways we can finish this sentence, from encouraging words ("I love you because you work so hard for us") to jokes ("I love you because you remembered to put the toilet seat down")!  It also compels both of us to really think about WHY we love each other.

And if I ever get sick of the paper I used (or if it clashes with whatever paint color we choose for the walls once we spruce that bathroom up), it won't take me long at all to change the look.

Project cost:  Zero dollars and twenty minutes.  Hopefully it looks like it took an hour at least.  :o)


  1. Hey! It's Lisa from over at Journey of Grace! I LOVE this idea!!! It's so cute! I may have to try this one out with one of the many empty picture frames I have laying around lol. Thanks for following me :)

  2. thank you! once i realized you could write on glass with a dry-erase marker, i've never looked back. :o)

  3. This is so cute! I love this idea. I know a lady that made something similar, except it said "I'm thankful for______." She put it in a lightweight frame and glued magnets on the back so it could hang on her fridge.

  4. What a fun idea! I've been looking for something to go in our bathroom, and this might work. :)


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