christmas crafts: pillow slipcovers

Last night I made a few Christmas-themed slipcovers for our throw pillows.  The one above is a replacement for my fall leaves pillow I made several months ago:


Bye, pretty leaves.  See ya next fall.

I also made these ornament ones to cover a couple of smaller throw pillows:

But sadly I measured wrong somewhere along the line and they ended up too small.  I still like them even though they look vaguely like those cannonballs with the fuses at the top you used to see in old cartoons all the time.  But as my husband pointed out, that's what glass tree ornaments look like anyway!  I might make a couple of VERY simple pillows so these slipcovers can be used this holiday season.

Total cost for this project:  Zero dollars.  I had everything on hand already.  That huge canvas dropcloth I got months ago turned out to be a great investment for stuff like this.  It frays horribly once you cut it and it smells like a musty tent if you iron it with steam, but once everything comes together it makes some really cute stuff for a great price.

 Linked up to Creations by Kara and A Little Tipsy!

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