girly "yum" bibs

Yesterday I put together a couple more vinyl pocket bibs with some girly fabric.  These pictures were taken inside my house, so forgive the darkness.  If you don't like it, buy us a nicer camera. :o)

Want to hear something funny?  This bib has a superfluous piece of velcro on one of the straps.  Guess I wasn't paying attention and put it in the wrong place.  I realized my mistake almost immediately, but since I use industrial-strength velcro, it was impossible to peel off without ripping the vinyl (yep, it's that strong...this way I don't have to sew the velcro on, but it stays on indefinitely!).  So hopefully that doesn't discourage anyone from buying it.  The useless piece of velcro is on the back of the strap so you can't see it when the kid's using the bib.  I really don't know what else to do; didn't seem worth it to start all over just for that.  Here's the other one I made:

This one has the right amount of velcro.  :o)  I have enough stuff to make some more bibs, but I'm stopping for now to see how well they do next weekend.  I'm about all vinyled out for now!

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