the "yum" bib

I found a really nice home decor fabric remnant at Hobby Lobby this past week.  Since it was almost a full yard, I figured I could get at least three toddler bibs out of it.  I bought some iron-on vinyl with my 40% off coupon, and used snaps and velcro I had on hand already.  I made two of these during naptime yesterday, and sometime in the next week I'm going to make a couple of girly ones out of some clearance fabric I found.  We'll see how they sell at the craft sale coming up...  :o)

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  1. I have some iron on vinyl in my stash that I have never used! This would be a great project. Did you follow a pattern, or just wing it?

  2. i used one of my son's bib as a basic pattern, just made it a little longer and square at the bottom to make a pocket (squaring off the bottom corners helps the pocket "poke out" better when it snaps, in my experience!). Or you could do no pocket and just make a normal bib, I just like the pocket feature. I ironed the vinyl to the front and back pieces, put them wrong sides together and sewed them up, leaving a gap to turn it right-side out. Leave a gap large enough for your wrist to fit through; the straps are a little tricky to turn right side out because of the vinyl. Once everything was turned right side out, I ironed it flat (using that protective layer that you peel the vinyl off of, of course...parchment paper works great too!) and then topstitched all around to close that gap up. Really easier than it sounds. :o)

  3. and by "put them wrong sides together" of course I meant "right sides together." i've been at my sewing machine too long. :o)


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