Recently Hobby Lobby put a BUNCH of home decor stuff on clearance.  I think I went down those two or three aisles every time I went there, and each time I found something new for dirt cheap.  It's where I got wind-chimes for our back porch, picture frames for future projects, and some pretty vases.

I also found a large metal heart wall hanging for a great price.

I didn't really like the off-white color of the heart itself, so I figured I'd paint it with leftover acrylic paint from those flower paintings I made a couple of weeks ago.  And I found my opportunity this past week when I was beyond frustrated with my sewing machine and decided to take a quick break from all things fabric and thread.  So pretty soon, this...

...became this.

It's hard to tell in the picture, but I painted it with a thin coat of a golden yellow (one of those skinny foam brushes did a pretty good job of getting in all those little nooks and crannies), and then did the top edges with an avocado green.  I didn't really focus too hard on painting every single inch of the thing, since I wanted to keep the heart looking kind of rustic.

 After it dried, I hung it up in our dining room.

My husband complimented me on it, but also requested that I refrain from putting any more "girly things" in "our eating area."  I told him since this corner of our dining room is my sewing nook, I figured it was okay.  And it's not like I painted it pink or purple or anything.  Boys are silly.  :o)

And yes, my nook is incredibly cluttered right now.  Please excuse the mess.

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