sheet music "art," part 2

So the more I looked at my sheet music display, the more I disliked it.

The frames were too big, and the wall was really looking crowded.  Plus I realized that if I ever get around to putting some kind of a window treatment up on that window (even if it's just a valance), that would bump up against that frame to the left, making things even more crowded.  So I decided to brainstorm and figure out what else to do.  And I ended up fixing it last night because the bobbin case in my sewing machine decided to fall apart so I couldn't do the sewing project I wanted to do.

First of all, I knew I wanted the lyrics of the song to show as much as possible.  And I didn't want to spend any more money.  So....I took a deep breath, took all the pages of the music out of the frames, and cut out all the blank space.  Then I traced the outline of that back part of the frame onto a piece of posterboard and cut it out so it would be the same size.  I lined up all the bars of music on the posterboard, letting the edges hang over as necessary.  Then I Mod-Podged them down.  Then I added a layer of Mod Podge on top to seal it all in.

Then I ate a popsicle while waiting for the Mod Podge to dry.  :o)

I used Word to print out the letters of our last name in a cute font (I tried just an "I," like a monogram, but let's face it, I's just look boring...and they look like Roman numerals...or first person pronouns...not what I was going for).  I traced them onto different colors and styles of scrapbook paper, and then Mod-Podged them on top of the music, finishing with one more layer of Mod Podge on top.

Once it dried, I trimmed up the edges of the posterboard, put it back in one of the frames, and ta-da!

I'm probably going to hang it up on the opposite wall, to one side of our china cabinet, since it's a smaller area of the wall.  So now we have our wedding song on display.  And I get to return the other three frames to Michaels, because I honestly can't think of any reason to keep them!

The only bad thing about redeeming this project is that there are all those nail holes left in that other wall.  Oops.  Either we just live with it until we decide to paint all the walls, or else I need to find something BIG to hang up there to cover it all up.  :o)

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