recipe book re-do

So while I'm waiting for a new part for my sewing machine to arrive, I decided to finish a no-sew project I've been meaning to tackle for awhile.

I love to collect recipes...and most of the time I actually try them.  But my recipe binder was in sad repair.

This puny 1-inch binder was literally falling apart at the seams trying to handle all the recipes I crammed in there, and my collection of recipes was reduced to this:

So I got a huge 2-inch binder and some new dividers from Target.  I made sure to get a binder with that plastic sleeve on the cover and the spine so I could make it look the way I wanted without having to worry about covering the whole thing.  I got plain white dividers for the same reason (that and they were the cheapest!).

I got out my scrapbook paper and just started messing around.  I had a really nice book of 12X12 sheets I got at Goodwill for a few bucks awhile back, and most of them coordinated really well with the color of the binder.

I also just cut out rectangles of paper and attached them to the dividers themselves to add some color.

Then I just labeled the dividers, stuck all my recipes in, and then let out a huge sigh of relief.  :o)

Plus if I ever get sick of the cover, I can always do something different and just slide it right in.

Simple project....big results.  I really miss sewing so hopefully that bobbin case will come in soon!  :o)

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