in the kitchen: strawberry-peach popsicles

Let me start off by saying that this recipe makes four popsicles, not two as pictured above.  Guess this photo indicates that these are pretty tasty, since my hubby and I each had one before I snapped a picture of all of them!

I found these popsicle molds at Walmart yesterday and got really excited.

Almost too excited.  I've been wanting some for awhile but they were hard to find since they're a seasonal thing, and I didn't want anything super-fancy off of Amazon.  I bought two of these molds for around five dollars.  Not bad.

I decided for my first batch I'd just mix up a smoothie recipe and pour it in the molds.  This recipe is enough for four popsicles:

Strawberry-Peach Popsicles

1 cup sliced peaches
1 cup sliced strawberries
1/4 cup orange juice
3/4 cup lowfat vanilla yogurt

You can use frozen fruit, or fresh, or a combination.  If you used frozen fruit, just put some in a bowl and thaw it in the microwave for 30 seconds or so.  Also, play around with the amounts of orange juice and yogurt if you want.  They're not set in stone.

Mix all ingredients in a blender until smooth.  Pour into the popsicle mold, place the tops on, and freeze for a few hours.  I mixed mine up around 2:00 yesterday afternoon and we ate them around 9:00 last night, but I'm sure they were ready before then.  Probably doesn't take that long at all.

Now that I have these, I'm already thinking of other combinations.  Peach-raspberry, strawberry-blueberry, lemon-blueberry, banana-peanut butter?  :o)



  1. How about peanut butter and chocolate? You could use one of those dessert yogurts for the chocolate (since that's probably a bit healthier than chocolate syrup, though that would work too!).
    Or, our favorite: strawberry/blackberry/blueberry.
    Then there's also strawberry/orange/banana. Or strawberry/kiwi.
    Yum! I think we need to make smoothie popsicles tomorrow!

  2. Strawberry-kiwi's a good idea! I have some kiwi that are getting kind of soft so they'd be good for that. I found a recipe for chocolate mint oreo pudding pops that I need to try soon....YUM.


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