my sewing nook!

Yes, this is technically just a corner of my dining room, but doesn't "nook" sound so much better?

Good-bye, crowded guest room closet with the daily avalanche of wrinkled fabric and tangled-up ribbon.  Hello, a place for everything right where I need it.

I was finding fabric I forgot I had.  Like the pretty embroidered flower fabric below.  What should I use it for?  :o)

Secondhand dressers....they're not just for clothes anymore.  Or for bedrooms, for that matter.  :o)

1 comment:

  1. Yay to organization and sewing! Looks like we have very similar fabric tastes....Great minds think (and sew) alike! :o) (I still think of you every time I add a "nose" to my smileys)


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