thrifty finds: "vintage" kitchen decor

So I went to Goodwill today for the first time in several weeks, and I managed to score all this loot for around $18!

You just never know with that place, do you?  There have been so many times where I walked out of there empty-handed, and yet there are a few days like today where I manage to find some cool stuff.

I found some "vintage" (in quotation marks because I'm really not sure how old they are, but hey, they look vintage-y!) canisters and what must have been an old thermos (based on the fact that it says "Icy/Hot" on it...I'm a smart one, huh?).  Both kind of coordinate with my kitchen and I knew they would go well on top of my cabinets, especially since I already have a few "vintage" cookie jars up there as well.

So check out your neighborhood Goodwill, even if it's a little creepy at times like mine is.  You never know what kind of stuff someone just gave away that would be perfect for decorating your home on a budget.

I just have to tell you what else I got.  I'm nerdy like that.

I found this cute picnic basket and figured it would work as a small sewing basket:

And a three-dollar clock in really good shape...I'm thinking of doing something like this with it.  Gotta love knock-offs.  :o)

I snagged a basket for a buck....I love how it has little feet on it.  I'm thinking of lining it with fabric. 

And finally, a sweet vintage children's book, copyrighted 1958.  It reminds me of the Childcraft series of books we used to have when I was a kid.

Even if my kid isn't interested in it when he's older, there are lots of things I can do with the pages with all these cute illustrations.  Maybe decorate a playroom or nursery, who knows.  :o)

So now I have a few more projects on my list.  And yeah, that list doesn't have an end.  I'm okay with that.  Have a good weekend!  :o)

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