ivey league academy: weeks in review

Here's what we did the past couple of weeks!

Reading:  The first week Caleb hit a wall with Blueberries for Sal, so we took a break from Story Time Treasures and instead added in a couple of activities to work on comprehension.  I found a printable Blueberries for Sal game online so we played that a few times, and on another day we learned more about onamatopoeias since the story has several examples.

During the second week, we returned to Story Time Treasures but broke the lessons down into smaller units so Caleb wouldn't feel burned out.  Our last story was Make Way for Ducklings.  Since we only have about five more weeks of first grade, I think we'll just have Caleb read aloud from books in our home library from now on.

Spelling:  We did Weeks 30 and 31 in our spelling curriculum.  The words are getting more challenging but overall Caleb is doing well!

Handwriting:  Caleb finished his Joke Handwriting Workbook.  For now, we'll continue handwriting practice with jokes I find online!

Vocabulary:  Our words for the last couple of weeks were "mystery," "slumber," "ample," "question (used as a verb)," "sympathetic," "tally," "festive," and "voyage."

Math:  We continued in our Horizons Math workbook.

Bible:  We continued in Leading Little Ones to God.  We also read the introduction to Randy Alcorn's Heaven for Kids since Caleb has asked a lot of questions about heaven lately.  We plan to read more of this book, especially this summer.

Read-Aloud:  We finished Matilda and moved on to The BFG.  We finished The BFG at the end of this second week.

Science:  The last couple of weeks were unusual in that the first week, we weren't able to get to any of our states for geography, and during the second week, we weren't able to get to science!  I've consulted my schedule and as long as we're diligent, we'll get to everything by the time we want to stop first grade.

We learned about desert habitats during this period.  With the help of "The Magic School Bus," an episode of the BBC series "Planet Earth," and library books, we learned about different adaptations that desert plants and animals have in order to get food and water in an environment where both are scarce.  We also did a science experiment with a desk lamp and several kinds of food, and predicted which food would have the most water in it.

U.S. Geography:  During the second week of this period we managed to fit in Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado!

Other Activities:  At the end of the first week, we had a homeschool group meet-up.  The group has shrunk in the past couple of months, so this time we just met at a Chick-fil-A to play and have lunch.  During the second week, our public library system had lots of activities for kids since the public school kids were on spring break.  We went to story time on Tuesday afternoon as usual, then on Wednesday we went to a different branch to watch "The Lego Movie" and play with Legos afterward!  Then on Thursday we went back to the same branch, where a local mobile petting zoo had set up.  The boys had a lot of fun petting and brushing the different farm animals and enjoying free popsicles.  :)

Blueberries for Sal Reading Comprehension Game (via Teachers Pay Teachers) $1.50
Onomatopoeia Activity (via K12reader.com)
Onomatopoeia Word Search (generated on Super Teacher Worksheets)
Magic School Bus "Where's the Water?" Experiment (via Scholastic)

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