ivey league academy: week in review!

Here's what we did last week!

Reading:  We were more informal with reading this week since we finished up our curriculum.  A couple of days I had Caleb read a book aloud to me (Albert the Albatross by Syd Hoff, for example).  Toward the end of the week Caleb independently decided to work on "reports."  He's still very interested in extinct and endangered animals, so he used a couple of books on the subject to write out a few sentences on each animal.  Sometimes I could tell he copied from the book, but other times he paraphrased and used his own words (I knew because he would ask me how to spell something!).  I told Caleb it was great he came up with this on his own, and that I would be willing to count it as reading and handwriting!

Spelling:  We worked on Week 32 of our spelling curriculum.

Handwriting:  Caleb copied down jokes I found online.

Vocabulary:  This was our last week of vocabulary!  Our words were "method, "object" (verb), "thrill," and "cooperative."

Math:  We continued in his math workbook.

Bible:  We continued in Leading Little Ones to God and also read some of Heaven for Kids by Randy Alcorn.

Read-Aloud:  We didn't start a new book this week since we were doing extra reading from the Randy Alcorn book.  I kind of want to do read-alouds during the summer as well though....so we'll see what happens!

Science:  We did two different topics this week since we didn't get to science last week.  First we talked about wetlands.  Caleb put together a wetlands animal flap book.  Then we talked about rainforests and did a fun color-by-number of a toucan. 

U.S. Geography:  This week we learned about New Mexico and Arizona.

Wetlands Flap Book (Teachers Pay Teachers) $3
Color-By-Number Toucan (Education.com)

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