ivey league preschool: rockets and robots

Here's our R Week!

First we did our usual activities:

We also read about Rahab in the Bible.  Caleb got a new "big boy Bible" for his birthday so he was very excited to read a story out of it.  We talked about how Rahab was saved from the destruction of Jericho because she helped hide the two spies, and how the other men knew which house was hers by the red cord she hung in the window.  I found a maze online and Caleb thought it was fun:

We did a couple of robot-themed activities so Caleb could practice his writing skills, as well as following directions and coloring.  I printed out two of the color-by-number worksheets since Caleb often sticks with coloring longer if someone else does it with him.  Plus I just like to color.  :)

We did a space-themed beginning sounds worksheet, and also colored another robot:

Caleb wrote out the word "robot" (I told him each letter and then he'd write it), but he insisted that his robot's name was Spiderman, so I wrote that on the bottom.  I colored a robot, too, and he told me mine was a girl and her name was Cherry Pie.  Alrighty then.

He also requested more baking soda and vinegar goodness this week:

And we ended the week by completing our magazine scavenger hunt and collage:

Our R Books:
The Rooftop Rocket Party by Roland Chambers
Mousetronaut by Mark Kelly
Monkey See, Monkey Do by Donough O'Malley [the monkey ends up in a rocket in this one]


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