simple chevron table runner

This afternoon I decided to do something to dress up our table.  Bear in mind that this table is used not only for eating, but also for preschool, art activities, sewing, etc.  It's just become a general dumping ground for anything and everything.  No kidding, I lost my phone charger for a week, and I eventually found it on the kitchen table, hidden in plain sight.  I'm hoping that by putting something pretty on the table, I'll be more motivated to keep the mess a little more manageable.

So I took a cute yellow chevron remnant from Hobby Lobby, cut it to the size I wanted for a table runner, and then laid it on top of a big canvas dropcloth. (Yes, you read right.  Dropcloths.  As in over by the painting supplies.  Cheap yet shabby chic for a number of home decor projects.  You're welcome.)  I basically used the canvas as both the backing and the binding of the runner, so it ended up being an inch longer than the chevron remnant on all four sides.  Then I just ironed and pinned to make the "binding," and then sewed it all down.

Yes, it's wrinkled a bit.  We'll just call that part of its rustic charm.  Plus it's a good nesting place for this cute couple:

Saw these at Target and couldn't resist.  Hopefully I won't start collecting salt and pepper shaker sets now.

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