ivey league preschool: go, G's, go!

This week was brought to you by the letter G!

First we did the do-a-dot, play-doh, and pattern block activities.

Caleb also did a G maze all by himself!

We did a G magazine scavenger hunt and found some good stuff (guacamole, Georgia, a gecko, Guy Fieri...haha!).

We read Giraffes Can't Dance and made a giraffe with clothespin legs.

We read a few books that featured the color green as well.  One of them was Where is the Green Sheep? so we decided to paint a green sheep.  Caleb is still learning about color mixing so this was a good opportunity for us to make our own special shade of green.

I explained to Caleb that we could have just used his green paint, but by mixing different amounts of blue and yellow, we could get our own special shade of green.

Our Bible story for this week was Gideon.  We read the story of his small army defeating the Midianites in his storybook Bible.  We learned how they confused their enemy by blowing trumpets and carrying torches, so we decided to make a torch.  I got a cardboard tube (the really sturdy kind that plastic wrap comes on) and covered it with aluminum foil.  Then we cut out strips of red and orange paper to make the "fire."  Caleb practiced his scissor skills by making little cuts in the strips.  I glued the "fire" around the top of the tube, but since it looked like it wasn't sticking very well, we also used small rubber bands to secure it.

Caleb kept raising the torch in the air and shouting "For the LORD!!!"

We also made a fun G snack...guacamole!  Caleb's never had it but he seemed to like our version.  I let him help mash the avocado in a bowl, then I just added some lemon juice, salt and pepper, and a little onion powder and garlic powder (I figured having chunks of garlic and onion in there might ruin the experience for Caleb!).  I normally add tomatoes to my guacamole, but I wanted Caleb to eat it so I left those out too.

I think he liked it!  He seemed to be more excited about the tortilla chips, but he kept dipping them in the guacamole so overall it was a success.  Maybe next time we can be more adventurous and add (small) chunks of tomato and onion to it.  Baby steps.  :)

Our classical music for this week was Mozart's Greatest Hits.  Yep, I have a CD that's called that!

Our G books:
Giraffes Can't Dance by Giles Andreae
Where is the Green Sheep? by Mem Fox
Spring Green by Valrie M. Selkowe
Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

Do-A-Dot Alphabet Pages (Home School Creations)
Play-Doh Letter Mats (Home School Creations)
Pattern Block Printable Templates (Jessica's Corner of Cyberspace)
G Maze (3 Dinosaurs)
Clothespin Giraffe Printable (Spring Time Treats) 
Gideon Torch Inspiration (Adventures in Mommydom)

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