baby on a budget: nursery wall art

This afternoon I sat down to make some wall art for Micah's room.  A few weeks ago, I found some cute blue chevron scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby, as well as some thick letter stickers.  I am hopeless at freehanding this kind of thing, and the stickers seemed like a good idea.  Especially since they were on sale at the time.  I used some of Caleb's construction paper for the moon and stars since I didn't have any other scrapbook paper without some kind of pattern, and I figured that would be too busy with the chevron pattern being the background for the whole thing.

I kept coming back to the phrase "I love you to the moon and back" from the book Guess How Much I Love You.  The story really has nothing to do with space, just a father and son rabbit trying to out-love each other!  :o)

I decided to paraphrase a verse from Philippians as well.  I like the idea of having Scripture on the nursery walls; I did the same with Caleb's room back when he was a baby and it really helped me know how to pray for him (especially during late-night feedings when the last thing I felt like doing was praying).  :o)

All in all these two pictures took me about half an hour total.  The letter stickers were really forgiving too; they were easy to reposition if needed without ripping up the paper too much.  I know we have some 12x12" frames somewhere packed away.  I was planning on trying to find a couple that used to hang in Caleb's old room and repurpose them for Micah's room since the Scripture hangings I made for Caleb are a little babyish for his room now.  Of course since we haven't unpacked any boxes with pictures in them it's been hard trying to find them, especially since a lot of those boxes are heavy and there's no way I can move them around without hurting myself.  Might have to enlist the hubby's help with that at some point.  :o)

I also went ahead and utilized some cute vintage space flash cards I found on Etsy a few months back.

They were very reasonably priced and I had just decided on a space theme when I came across them so I knew I could incorporate them somehow.  I used some blue baker's twine and metal clips I already had to hang them above the changing table.  I went ahead and used a couple of clear push pins for this; I figured a couple of little holes in the wall wouldn't be a huge deal, plus this kind of thing is much easier to hang than an actual picture so I knew I could get it right the first time!

They seem higher above the table in the picture than in real life for some reason.  I hung them at eye-level, that way the baby can't grab them when we change him.  :o)

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