baby on a budget: appliqued onesies

This afternoon I managed to expand my baby's wardrobe by using stuff we already had.  Want to read the details?  Of course you do.  If not just humor me.  :o)

Last week I was browsing in Ross and found a set of four striped Carter's onesies!  I had been looking for some more newborn-sized clothes for my baby and I'm a big fan of the Carter's brand (as long as I can find their stuff on sale).

I got the set of four for $9.99, so around $2.50 each.  Not too bad for long sleeves.  But I wanted to make them more interesting.  So I went through my fabric today and managed to make each onesie into a unique item just for my little guy.

Yep, I jumped on the mustache bandwagon.  No regrets here.  :o)

I also wanted to do a rocket ship since the nursery's space-themed.  I found a free printable online and scaled it to fit.  That's how I did the mustache onesie above as well!

I had a robot fabric remnant in my stash, so I just picked one of my favorites and cut it out to fit.

And finally, I found this little cutie on a puppy fabric remnant.

So in less than an hour, I ended up with four one-of-a-kind onesies.  And I love them.  Almost makes me sad that he'll eventually outgrow them.  But I suppose I could do it again with the next size up whenever he does.  :o)

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