pinspired: tiered cake pan stand

A few days ago, I finally tried out a DIY I've had bookmarked for awhile: an adorable tiered stand made out of cake pans and candlesticks.  My inspiration can be found on this blog.  The most difficult part was finding cake pan sets in different sizes.  And for some reason, as soon as I decided to be on the lookout for brass candlesticks, I couldn't find them at Goodwill anymore.  EVERY OTHER TIME I've been there, tacky brass candlesticks were always gracing the shelves.  Go figure.

Anyway, I found a set of cake pans on Ebay for pretty reasonable, and got a wooden candlestick at Hobby Lobby and just spray-painted it a cheerful red.  As for the glue, I used that scary E6000 adhesive.  It has warnings all over it, and apparently there's an ingredient in it that was found to cause cancer in California (says so on the label).  But since I don't live in California, I figured the glue couldn't give me cancer so I went ahead and used it.

I kid.  :o)

The gluing went off without a hitch (though it did come with some serious fumes...yuck), and it did hold everything very well.

So here's the stand after I let it dry a day or two:

I think it looks cute.  But it's a little flimsy.  I don't think my pans are as sturdy as the ones used in the original tutorial.  Hers were nice and rustic looking, and just look stronger than the ones I used.  So my stand is visually appealing and does hold stuff, but not very well.  It would be fine to hold stuff if I didn't have to take the items off and put them back on a lot, since it shakes a little every time I mess with it. Oh well, you live and you learn.  At least now I can be on the lookout for something stronger since I know how easy this thing is to put together once you have everything.  It looks really nice in my kitchen even if it's not as functional as I'd like!

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