pinspired: sock bunny

I have a niece who's about to turn four, and when I asked my sister for gift ideas, she suggested a bunny stuffed animal (something my niece has been asking for repeatedly).  The idea of trying something new appealed to me; as much as I enjoy making all those appliqued shirts and onesies on Etsy, sometimes you just need a new project to break up the monotony.

So I searched on Pinterest and found this tutorial from Lil Blue Boo.  All it takes is a pair of adult knee-high socks, some stuffing, and spare buttons and thread (obviously, you leave off the buttons if making for a baby or young toddler).  I liked that she had pictures for every step too.  Target has really cute knee socks for $2.50 a pair, so I found a purple striped pair for the bunny.

So how'd I do?  Is it cuddly or scary?  :o)  Turns out it's kind of difficult to put stuffing inside of sock material since it stretches so much.  And since my button-sewing skills are horrendous, this is what I have for this little guy's face:

I got a bunch of retro buttons from my mother-in-law when she was cleaning out some of her old sewing supplies; I think the flower-shaped button for the nose makes up for the fact that the bunny technically doesn't have an actual mouth.  As horrendous as my button-sewing skills are, my embroidery skills are even worse, and after all the work I put into the bunny, I didn't want to wreck it at the last step.  :o)

Since I did all the work while Caleb was sleeping, he saw it for the first time today when I took pictures of it...and unfortunately he thought it was for him.

Yep, that's him giving it a kiss.  Sigh.  We took a trip to the hallway where his cousins' pictures are hanging, I pointed to the picture of the birthday girl, and told him repeatedly it was for her and that we were going to mail it to her as soon as I found a box or something.  I offered to make him one too, but you know how much in the here and now toddlers are.  So he's a little sad right now.  But I guess he has to learn that not everything I make is for him!

Speaking of which, I have one project in the works that's for me.  I finally started that ironing board cover...two weeks ago.  But life and Etsy got in the way so it's still folded up in the closet, all pinned up and waiting.  I just need to sew the edges and figure out how to feed the string through, and then hopefully it'll be ready and I can get rid of my yucky old cover.  I've decided I have to make a point to still try sewing and other DIY projects for me once in awhile, since if I just do Etsy stuff for long periods of time I get crabby.  :o)  Thanks for reading!!!


  1. Anne,
    That is so adorable!!! She is going to LOVE it! I love the pic of Caleb kissing it. So, so cute. :)

    1. yay! going to the post office tomorrow to mail it. :o) i had to put it out of sight where caleb couldn't get to it, and then later on when i was cooking dinner he ran in and randomly said "bunny for lydia!" :o)


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