why I've REALLY been MIA.

I wanted to explain my lack of posts lately.  We recently found out we've lost yet another baby.  Actually three...by some miracle there were three sacs this time.  The pregnancy was very rough on me physically and emotionally, so I just couldn't do the amount of projects I wanted to then.  I was very thankful for the few projects I was able to complete for friends around this time; they didn't know it, but they had given me something to do rather than obsess about the pregnancy and how it would end up.  It was great therapy, and while I won't deny that I would much rather be making things for a new baby of my own, I still love making things for all of you and I won't stop now.  If I've committed to doing something for you, please know I haven't abandoned you.  It just might take a bit longer for me to complete it.  The miscarriage is delayed, so my body is still acting as though I'm carrying a baby.  Once the fatigue and nausea ease off and the miscarriage completes itself, I'll be able to really jump back into it.  Thanks in advance for your prayers; never thought we'd have to go through three miscarriages but God is faithful and He'll get us through it!

If you want to read more, I've typed out a little testimony regarding this latest loss.  As painful as these experiences are, I really believe God wants me to use them to bring Him glory, and right now all I feel I can do is write about them.  The post is on my devotional blog and can be found here.  :o)

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