why i've been MIA.

My sister asked me this past week if I had lost my "crafting mojo" since I hadn't posted anything in awhile.  I have in a way, only because I got a couple of Etsy orders a couple of weeks ago and they burned me out on sewing for a bit.

Though I'll admit, I love the work.  I really do enjoy putting these designs together.  It's so exciting to make these kinds of things for other people's kids, even if I've never laid eyes on them.  I hope they enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them.  :o)

So I still have my "mojo."  I'm actually in the middle of a non-sewing project, I just need Mod Podge to finish it and I keep forgetting to pick up some more!  Maybe it'll happen this weekend.  In the meantime, thanks for checking back!  :o)

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