pillowcase dress

One of my friends asked me if I could make pillowcase dresses for her girls, so I decided to make a "practice" one to work out any issues since I had never made one before.

Turns out it's pretty easy...the main "issues" I had were with my machine, like thread getting tangled up and stuff.  That and it takes some practice figuring out the length of the dress when you need to make a certain size; luckily it's easy to lengthen or shorten it when you're piecing it together.

The colors came out dark in these photos since I took them on an overcast day, so the black in these photos is actually more of a dark brown.

I opted to do a fabric tie instead of ribbon, and I'm glad I did since it really pulls everything together.

And I totally sewed one of these beauties in.  Couldn't help myself.

This dress turned out to be a 2T.  Maybe I'll try to sell it in my Etsy shop?  :o)

Linked up to Creations by Kara!


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