embellished dollar store dishtowel

A long time ago I picked up a couple of yellow dishtowels from the dollar store.  I liked their bright color (as well as their price tag), and today I finally got around to making them a bit more interesting.

I had some cute chicken fabric leftover from some placemats I made for my mom last Mother's Day:

So all I did was cut out a couple of strips, fold down the long ends to make a hem, and then sewed them on the towels.  Simple and quick (but it would have been even quicker if my thread didn't get tangled up in my sewing machine for the umpteenth time...that machine might need a tune-up!).

They add great personality to my kitchen, for just $1 each.

I might add some cute red ric-rac to them as well, haven't decided yet.  For now I really like them the way they are (wrinkles and all....can you tell these towels hung out in my closet for almost a year??).

Depending on how well these do in the wash, I might make a couple more sets!  :o)

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1 comment:

  1. Add large red ric rac. It will really make the fabric "pop". Love the color and the fabric!


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