belated shower gift!

One of my oldest friends is about to have a baby boy in the next month or so.  And by "oldest" I just mean the amount of time we've known each other, not her actual age...haha!  She lives in Florida so I wasn't able to make her baby shower, so I sent her a belated gift a couple of days ago.

Isn't that plaid fabric absolutely crazy cute for a necktie onesie??  I thought so.  My friend saw the animal letter flannel on my facebook page and said she liked that the most, so I made her up a set of burpcloths to go along with the shirt.  She will quickly learn that with a baby, you can never have too many burpcloths!

I really hope she likes them....and that she gets them in the mail before she sees this post and I completely ruin the suprise...haha!  :o)

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