christmas crafts: cinnamon stick candle holder

Well, it's the day after Thanksgiving, which means I can officially start decorating for Christmas.  Yep, I'm one of those purists who believes in celebrating one holiday at a time!  So today during naptime while the hubby was out playing tennis, I turned on some Christmas music and fired up the glue gun.

I had this craft project in mind the last time I went to Hobby Lobby, so I already had everything I needed.  And I was in luck, since at the time all Christmas decor stuff was 50% off, as well as all the glassware!

Turns out that the cinnamon sticks I got were the perfect length for the sides of my candle holder, so I didn't have to cut any of them.  I just made sure all of them were flush with the bottom so the candle holder would still sit flat.  And I ended up using almost all of the sticks in both bags, with maybe eight leftover.  So within about ten minutes, I had this!

I used some leftover single-fold bias tape for the bow, but some pretty Christmas ribbon would look great too.  And I'm seeing now in the picture that some of it is twisted in the front, so I should go fix that.  As well as remove all remaining hot glue strings.  I hate those things.  Next time I make one of these, I'm going to glue from top to bottom so all the glue strings I forget to tear off will get hidden by the bottom anyway.  :o)

I've got some more Christmas ideas in mind, plus a few more shirt designs, so stayed tuned!

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