kitchen valance

And yet another valance...this time in the kitchen.  This window is right above the sink and in between some cabinets, so I got a tension rod and hung the valance up that way.  I just have to give you a close-up of this fabric....

Maybe it's not your style, but I LOVE IT.  I found it at Fabric.com, and while I usually don't buy fabric online (something about paying extra for shipping just makes me feel like it's not worth it about 90% of the time), I saw this a few months ago and really wanted it.  I have more leftover, so I might make a runner for the island in the kitchen, and maybe embellish some towels.  We'll see.  I love how some of the apples have an "A" on them.  I'm sure it's an "A is for apple" kind of thing, but I'll just pretend that it's an "A is for Anne" kind of thing instead.  :o)

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love that fabric! :) The valences in your other post are pretty too. Valences are definitely toddler-friendly. They are good for bigger children too. My boys pulled on their curtains so much that they bent the rod, so they are back to just valences in their room. You would think a bunch of monkeys live in there; the wear-and-tear is ridiculous!

  2. caleb likes to pull the curtain in our guest room/office, but luckily he's not in there enough to do too much damage (although one day that might be his room so I'd have to change it out for a valance sooner or later!). we have more of a problem with all the blinds...he's disciplined enough to not mess with them now, but once in awhile he gets curious and tries to bend them and yank them around. :o)


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