vinyl pocket bib


Back in January I made a really awesome vinyl bib for my son since I was really tired of washing regular bibs all the time.  I had seen some with pockets, which I thought was ingenious since somehow even with a bib and a highchair tray, food was still finding its way onto my kid's lap at every meal.  So this is what I came up with:

I sewed velcro on for the straps, which incidentally is a huge pain in the rear.  So for the pocket, I tried just sticking the velcro on without sewing it down, but it came off after awhile so I learned how to install snaps shortly after.  :o)  Long story short (too late!), after a couple of months one of the snaps fell out since I had made the hole too big, and it was pretty much beyond repair.  Sad day.

Back to washing bibs...constantly.

So today I decided that enough was enough.  I still had some of the iron-on vinyl leftover so I thought I'd try it again.  Sturdy, home decor-weight kind of fabric works the best for this kind of project, but I didn't really have much in my stash.  I did, however, have a lot of cute cotton prints.  I still had some heavy-duty fusible interfacing leftover from making that tote bag, so I ironed it onto a really cute dinosaur fabric I found in the clearance section at Jo-Ann awhile back.  That made it a lot less flimsy and perfect for a bib. 

I used snaps for the pocket again, but wanted velcro for the neckstraps since it makes it easier to get on and off.  The velcro I used this time must have been REALLY sticky because it kept gumming up my needle and the thread was getting all knotted up.  So one piece is sewn on, and the other isn't.  I figure if it comes off I can just put another piece on!  It just wasn't worth the hassle (and I went through a couple of needles trying to get that first piece sewn down so that made it twice as annoying).

So what do you think?  See how you can un-snap the pocket for easy cleaning?

Maybe you can tell me why there are also snakes and snails grouped in with the dinosaurs.  Not sure what the designer was going for there.  Oh well, it's still pretty cute.  We'll see how this works at breakfast tomorrow!  :o)

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