the tohoku tote


Back in March, I came across a wonderful idea on the blog I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar.  The author of the blog had just completed a tutorial for a cute tote bag when tragedy struck Japan.  Instead of selling the tutorial, she decided to just give the tutorial to anyone who wanted to donate to any organization that would help the people affected by the earthquakes.  My husband and I sponsor two children through the organization World Vision, and I had already decided to dig a little deeper that month to help Japan as well, so I decided to definitely try this bag soon.

I was able to use fabric I already had, so all I had to buy was the interfacing and the magnetic snap.  I was surprised at how quickly this project went, and I love how sturdy the bag is as well (gotta love thick interfacing!).  The tutorial had two different options for the bow, and let me just say, I'm glad I recently acquired a walking foot for my sewing machine, because there was no way the regular foot could go through all those layers of heavy fabric!  I added a double pocket on the inside of mine:

And also successfully installed a magnetic snap for the first time!

I realized this tote bag is the perfect size for a 3-ring binder, which is what I currently use for holding coupons.  I recently switched to this system, and I was getting a little annoyed juggling the binder, my purse, and my toddler when trying to get all situated in a store (yep...three things to carry with two hands...the math just doesn't work out, does it?).  This way I can just make this my shopping bag; when I'm ready to go out the door, I can just throw my wallet, keys, and shopping list in that inside pocket, and I'm good to go.

A great bag for a great cause.  Love it.  :o)


  1. its so good looking tote..im planning to make one..

  2. you should; now the tutorial is available to everyone on that blog! thanks for looking.


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