picture collage

So I have over a year's worth of photos stored on my computer that have yet to be printed and put into scrapbooks.

One day I aspire to actually catch up on my scrapbooking since my current book ends around Thanksgiving 2009.  Until then, I've settled for printing select favorites (mostly of our adorable son!) and hanging them on the wall.

I found a strategy somewhere one time and it has revolutionized the way I hang pictures on the wall.  For someone who makes mistakes even while using a level and a tape measure, this was a big deal for me.

It's simple....make paper templates the same size as your frames, mark where the hooks on the back of the frames line up, and tape the templates up on the wall.  Move them around as much as you want.  It might also help to do the layout with the frames on the floor first, then you'll know how to place the templates on the wall.  This is how I wanted mine:

Ew.  Don't look too closely or you'll see how much I need to vacuum.

Once you have it just right, pound those nails into the wall, tear the templates off the wall, and hang the pictures in their place.  Done.

Now, I'll admit, I still had to do a couple over.  Some people just don't have that gift for hanging pictures.  I'm one of them.  And for now those nail holes that represent my failed attempts are conveniently hidden by pictures, so it's all good.  Though if we ever get around to painting the inside of our house, it'll mean a bit more spackling.

Here's the end result:

It's a weird angle because it's a hallway, so it looks better in person.  And it filled up another wall in our hallway so I'm pleased!  The frame to the far left was free from my mom, the five in the center were a set I got from Stein Mart with a gift card awhile ago, and the one to the far right was a wedding gift.  And incidentally has all four generations of my family in it, including three grandparents who have since gone to be with the Lord.

And that was the whole point of doing this....displaying pictures I'm proud of and that will make me smile when I walk by them.  And on the days when my toddler is less than gracious about his naptime, walking past that picture of him with peas all over his face might make me a little more forgiving!

Thanks for reading!  I think I'll do a sewing project next....stay tuned!


  1. This method of hanging pictures has saved me from many a badly placed nail!
    Your hall turned out great!

  2. thanks so much for stopping by! i love your blog. :o)


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