ivey league academy: week in review!

Here's what we did this week!

Reading:  We continued in Hooked on Phonics and learned more long vowel sounds, such as "ee," "ea," "ow," "oa," "ai," and "ay." Caleb does well as long as he doesn't rush!

Language Arts:  We finished Chapter 1 on Friday and did a review of what we've learned so far (sentences vs. fragments, finding the subject and action of a sentence, types of sentences, correct punctuation, and alphabetical order).  The next step is a test for Chapter 1, which we'll probably try on Monday.  I don't want Caleb to stress himself out but I also want him to get used to taking tests.

Journal/Word of the Week:  Our word of the week was "askew."  On Tuesday, Caleb wrote about his calendar being askew, and on Thursday he selected another part of an animal poem for his journal.

Spelling:  We did our Week 2 spelling list and activities and Caleb got 10 out of 10 words right on his test!

Bible:  We finished Lesson 1 ("Where Am I Building My Life?") this week.  The next lesson will focus on how we know what is true.

Math:  We continued in Caleb's math workbook and he had his first math test on Friday.  He only missed 5 points out of 149 possible points!  I think he could have done even better than that only he kept getting distracted and tried to talk to me or his brother.

Zoology:  We went to the African grasslands this week.  The curriculum focused on lions and cheetahs.  Caleb filled out animal information sheets in his workbook (the children in the story are required to enter accurate data on each animal in order to progress to the next thing!), and we also read several library books on them.  We also made a chart to use from here on out; we'll sort all the animals we learn about into groups based on what they eat (carnivores, herbivores, omnivores).  The teacher's manual has animal pictures in the back, so I copied them and cut them out so Caleb could glue them next to the animal names.  There are also pictures of each habitat, so after printing out the picture of the grasslands, I printed out the animal pictures on a full-sheet label to make them into stickers (I also gave them a little color!).  We'll be staying in the grasslands next week, so Caleb can then color in the habitat and stick the appropriate animal stickers on there.  Finally, we did a fun demonstration about how a cat's eyes reflect light; we covered one toilet paper tube with construction paper and one with foil, then shone a flashlight on each in a dark room.  The foil reflected the light better than the paper, just like a cat's eye would.

World Cultures:  This week's country was Mexico.  Caleb filled out a country fact sheet based on library book information plus more current information from the internet.  For our craft, we made pinata suncatchers using construction paper, tissue paper squares, and contact paper; I drew a rough outline of a donkey (the classic pinata shape!) onto the paper, cut it out from the middle, then stuck it onto the sticky contact paper.  Caleb stuck tissue paper squares all inside the donkey shape until there were no spaces, then I stuck another piece of contact paper over it.  It was cloudy outside that afternoon, but when I held the finished product up to the light, it was pretty!  Micah made a similar one in the shape of a snake.  For food, Caleb learned how to make guacamole and baked churros.  That same day, I made pork carnitas in the slow cooker and Mexican rice in my pressure cooker so we really had yummy food that night (and leftovers the next night!).

Art:  We didn't get to our art lesson this week, which is fine because the boys' Kiwi and Koala Crates came in that Wednesday so we worked on those.  Caleb's crate had a puppetry theme; I helped him construct a marionette puppet as well as a talking puppet (both kinds have interchangeable parts so the marionette can be three different animals and the talking puppet can be two).  Micah's was music-themed.  We made a xylophone and a little tambourine!

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