ivey league academy: week in review!

It's been an interesting few weeks!  After my last post, we ended up taking the next week off since both boys had horrible colds and I knew whatever work I could get out of Caleb wouldn't be all that great.  Then the week after that, we got in a car accident; thankfully nothing serious, but that week of school was light since we were all sore and tired.  Then, the next week, Micah and I got a cold and we took that week off!  Here's what we got done during this odd period of time:

Reading:  We took a break from StoryTime Treasures and instead, I let Caleb pick out a book each day to read to me.  One day I also had him copy a couple of sentences from one book and illustrate.

Spelling:  We did the Week 25 spelling list in our spelling curriculum.

Handwriting:  We took a break from any formal handwriting practice.

Vocabulary:  Our words were "drowsy," "glitter," "pantomime," and "selfish."

Math:  We continued in our Horizons 1 Math workbook.

Bible:  We continued in Leading Little Ones to God.

Read-Aloud:  We continued reading Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator.

Science:  We learned about tidal zones and tide pools.  We watched the episode of "The Magic School Bus" about tide zones, and Caleb also independently tried to recreate those zones with blankets in the playroom!

We also made a tidal zones model; I had Caleb stack small rocks and pebbles in an aluminum baking dish, as well as some plastic ocean animals.  Once he was done, I slowly poured water into the dish from one end (demonstrating low tide and then high tide), and had Caleb observe what areas filled up with water first.  We discussed which animals live in which tidal zones, and what advantages and disadvantages each zone has in terms of available food, protection, etc.  We also read library books about tide zones and watched the "tidal seas" episode of the BBC documentary series "Blue Planet."

U.S. Geography:  We learned about Oklahoma and Kansas.  Caleb colored a page for each state and we read library books as well.  

Tidal Zones Model (Buggy and Buddy) 

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