ivey league academy: week in review!

This week's chalkboard was inspired by "Mary Poppins."  We borrowed the DVD from the library and both boys have been enjoying it!

Reading:  We continued in Explode the Code and are about a week away from finishing Book 2!  I have Book 3, which after a short review of vowel sounds seems to share a lot in common with the 2nd grade level of Hooked on Phonics, so I might try to find a way to use both.  Caleb also continued to read out of his Six Ducks in a Pond reader.

Spelling:  We did Week 10 of his spelling curriculum, and Caleb got 7 out of 8 correct on his test.

Handwriting:  Caleb only did one journal entry this week.  He actually told me he wants more practice with handwriting since he still sometimes forgets how to form his lowercase letters (especially "b" and "d").  I found an Evan Moor handwriting workbook for first grade online so once that comes in we'll do that for handwriting practice and maybe keep the journal for when he's truly interested.

Vocabulary:  Our words for the week were "snoop," "texture," "wavy," and "grouchy."

Math:  Caleb had a math test this week and did very well!  He learned more about subtracting with a number line this week.

Bible:  We continued in our Growing With Jesus devotional.

Read-Aloud:  We read through most of Henry and the Paper Route by Beverly Cleary.  There are only 6 chapters, but they're each 20-25 pages long so some days we only read half a chapter.  We only have one chapter left, then we'll pick something else!

Science:  This week's topic was recycling.  We watched "The Magic School Bus" episode about recycling (with guest voice Dolly Parton!) and read a few books from the library about where garbage ends up and why we should recycle.  I pulled up a brief video from Reading Rainbow about recycling centers, and Caleb did a recycling sort activity.

U.S. Geography:  Our state this week was South Carolina.  Caleb colored his South Carolina page and we read a few books about the state, paying special attention to loggerhead sea turtles.

Reading Rainbow Recycling Video (YouTube)
Recycling/Garbage Sort Activity (Classroom Freebies Too)
South Carolina Coloring Page (USA Printables)
How to Draw a Sea Turtle Activity (Deep Space Sparkle)

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