ivey league academy: week in review!

.....and we're back!  Turns out the Sabbath Schedule wasn't for us, at least not right now.  We decided to take the rest of June plus July off and then start back on August 1.

Reading:  We continued in our Explode the Code workbook and read in our Six Ducks in a Pond reader.

Spelling:  We did Week 6 of our K12 Spelling curriculum, and Caleb got 7 out of 8 words correct on his spelling test!

Handwriting:  For now, Caleb draws in his journal everyday, and then dictates sentences about his drawing to me.  I write them on the dry erase board and then he copies them down in his journal under the picture.

Vocabulary:  Our words for this week were "pest," "boast," "scamper," and "strange."

Math:  We continued working in our Horizons workbook and also played a fun coin counting game since Caleb needs more practice with coin identification.

Bible:  We continued in our Growing With Jesus devotional book.  Some of the lessons this week pertained to Jesus as the Son of God and the Passover Lamb.

Read-Aloud:  We started Charlotte's Web, and since its chapters are fairly short we're already about halfway done!

Science:  This week's Magic School Bus episode was about heat.  The class ends up in the Arctic and have to figure out ways to stay warm and to fix their bus (the engine froze!).  One of the ways they keep warm is "blubberizing" themselves, so Caleb and I tried a fun (but kind of messy) experiment where we used vegetable shortening as blubber to feel how effective it is at trapping in heat!

It was difficult to keep the shortening on his gloves, even with an outer layer of plastic wrap, but we made sure at least his thumb was completely covered so he could compare it with the other fingers.  He thought this was a fun experiment!

U.S. Geography:  This week we learned about Virginia and Thomas Jefferson!

Counting Coins Printable Game (The Measured Mom)
Blubber Experiment Printable (Sarah's First Grade Snippets)
Blubber Experiment Directions (I Can Teach My Child)


  1. So cute! Looks like a lot of fun. Maybe if you do the blubber experiment again you could try using a small glove that fits his hand a nd a large glove, or dish glove the you could fill with lard/ shortening and he could put his hand in that. Might stay on a little better.you guys always look like you're having a blast!


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