ivey league academy: week in review!

And just like that, we're done with our first six weeks of first grade!

I forgot to update our chalkboard with a fun design this week.  Oops.  :)

Reading:  We continued in our Explode the Code book.

Spelling:  We did Week 3 in our spelling curriculum, reserving the last day for a "test."  Caleb did very well considering spelling is an area where he struggles a bit.

Handwriting:  Caleb finished his Handwriting Without Tears workbook!  They have another book after this one, but I decided to do more of a journal approach with him next.  We're also going to start a Draw Write Now workbook I got awhile back.

Vocabulary:  This week's words were "gloomy," "prefer," "clever," and "screech."

Math:  Caleb had another math test at the end of the week and got 100%!

Bible:  This week's lessons were about giving our worries to God, thinking good thoughts, respecting others, the armor of God, and the Spirit giving love.

Read-Aloud:  We continued reading Pinky Pye and are now halfway through!

Science:  This week's lesson was rainbows and color. 

We watched the Magic School Bus episode about rainbows and learned that white light has all of the colors in it.  We attempted to make a rainbow with a flashlight and glass of water, but it didn't work.  In the end, we found holding a CD up to a patch of sunlight worked better!

On Friday, we did a fun color mixing experiment called a "walking rainbow."  We got six clear cups and arranged them in a circle.  I put red food coloring in the first cup, yellow in the third cup, and blue in the fifth cup.  I folded pieces of paper towels into thirds and trimmed them to fit without too much overhang.  I filled the cups that had food coloring in them, then we watched the primary colors start to travel up the paper towels.  We left the experiment to do more school work, but kept checking back, and after an hour or so we had orange, green, and purple in the previously-empty cups!

Social Studies:  This week we studied Pennsylvania.

Caleb colored his Pennsylvania page, and also learned several things about the state, including how they make chocolate in Hershey!  A lot of American history occurred in Philadelphia, so we ended up talking about the Liberty Bell and Benjamin Franklin a lot.  Caleb cut and glued his own Bell (complete with custom crack!):

We also learned about all the things Benjamin Franklin invented, including fun puzzles called magic squares.  Apparently he was so bored during assemblies that he would doodle to keep from falling asleep, and ended up with a fun pasttime!  I drew out a magic square for Caleb; all the rows and columns add up to 15, even diagonally.

We made Philly cheesesteaks one night for dinner too!  Not sure if they're really authentic, but I sure enjoyed them!  It was slow cooker recipe, and the bell peppers and onions actually cooked down very soft so they were hardly noticeable (but I still tried to pick through and only put them on my sandwich since my guys don't like that kind of stuff!).

Right now we're experimenting with a "sabbath schedule," meaning we do school for six weeks and then take one week off (with longer breaks during the summer and the holidays as needed).  So we'll take a week off and then get back into it!

Walking Rainbow Experiment (The Stem Laboratory)
Philly Cheesesteak Recipe (Coupon Cravings)

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  1. Love it that my grandson goes to school in his pajamas!


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