ivey league kindergarten: week in review

Reading:  We reviewed with yet another new Snakes & Ladders board, then Caleb successfully read the next story in his Hooked on Phonics book.

He also read another Hooked on Phonics book!

 He also learned words ending in -sk and -ft.

Math:  We continued in his Horizons kindergarten workbook; they threw more word problems at him but Caleb was able to deduce if he was supposed to add or subtract!  He also worked on putting groups of numbers in the correct order.  On Friday, we did a fun sorting and graphing activity with candy hearts.  There are lots of printable activities like this available online for free, but I went with the Sweet Tart hearts instead of the traditional conversation hearts because, well, they taste better!  Because of the swap, I had to make my own worksheet, but it was pretty easy.

Handwriting:  Caleb reviewed all capital letters and numbers this week in Handwriting Without Tears, and then continued on with lowercase c, o, s, v, and w.

You might notice his cute little mug of hot chocolate...and a rice bag around his neck!  This was on Tuesday, when there were flurries outside, so I let him take an emergency recess to play outside in the snow with his little brother.  They had fun but got pretty cold!

Bible:  We did more hands-on activities with our devotionals this week.  We talked about being a peacemaker (and how to be a good friend), not being jealous, thinking about Jesus, being satisfied with what we have (and what we're grateful for), and how to be a doer of the word (making good choices).

Read-Aloud:  We finished Winnie-the-Pooh and started The House at Pooh Corner the next day.  For his book report, Caleb chose to draw Piglet hiding in Kanga's pouch, which ended up being a rather uncomfortable ride!

Science:  We haven't done anything science-related in awhile, so I printed out a simple experiment where you hypothesize if a candy heart sinks or floats in water.  We both thought it would float, but I guess the Sweet Tart ones are heavier that they seem!

"Good Friend" Writing Prompt (The Weekly Hive)
Gratitude Scavenger Hunt (Let's Get Together)
I Can Listen to Stories printable (Kinder Craze)
Candy Heart Observations (Teachers Pay Teachers)

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