ivey league kindergarten: week in review

Here's what we did last week!

Caleb has really been into board games lately, so I was excited to find free printable sight word "snakes and ladders" game boards online.  You can type in your own words if you want a custom board, so I filled in a mixture of new and familiar words for us to read as we played.  This was a great way to practice reading without getting Caleb all frustrated!

We continued to review -ch, -tch, and -sh words....

...and also got into -ng words toward the end of the week.  I went ahead and printed out a different snakes and ladders board for us to use next week so we can make sure to practice these new words as well.

In math, Caleb continued to work on addition and subtraction with a number line.  However, when presented with simple addition problems without a number line, Caleb was very good about adding the numbers up in his head!  The math lessons also introduced three-dimensional shapes such as spheres and cones, and we also learned about "quarter after" in telling time.

In Handwriting Without Tears, Caleb worked on lowercase y, j, r, n, m, h, b, and f.

We continued our devotionals each day too.  However, I didn't think far enough ahead to include some kind of activity with any of them.  I might try to do that more often, because if Caleb does some kind of hands-on art activity or game, he's more likely to remember the message that went along with it.

We continued to read Stuart Little aloud as well, and on Friday we took advantage of our library recently extending their hours of operation and checked out some new books!  Caleb declined story time on Tuesday...I'm not sure if he was feeling tired or just isn't interested anymore.  If we do go back, I'm going to try to go in the afternoon in hopes that more kids his age will be there then.

Free Snakes & Ladders Sight Words Game (SightWords.com)
Free Phonics Readers (The Measured Mom)
Free "TH" Words Sorting Activity (Teachers Pay Teachers)

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