ivey league kindergarten: weeks in review

Here's what we did for the past few weeks!

Caleb continues to make great progress in Hooked on Phonics.  He learned pl-, gr-, fr-, br-, cr-, pr-, dr-, qu-, and tr- over the past couple of weeks.  During that time we did plenty of review by reading sentences.  He also earned three more stars on his reading chart!

We finished Otis Spofford by Beverly Cleary.  Caleb enjoyed it but he wasn't into illustrating his book report that day.  His favorite part of the book was where Otis gets into trouble for firing off spitballs, so his punishment is to sit in the back of the classroom by himself and fire spitballs into the trashcan.  So Caleb's drawing is of a giant spitball. :)

In math, we continued to work on adding and telling time.  The workbook also introduced the idea of volume, as well as the half dollar.

We also started Handwriting Without Tears to give Caleb more handwriting practice and to help him learn how to better write his lowercase letters.  The kindergarten workbook starts with uppercase letters, and groups them together according to form and where you put your pencil down to start.  We started with the "frog jump capitals" (F, E, D, and so on), which all start at the upperleft corner of the box and then your pencil "jumps" back up to form the rest of the letter.  We finished up the remainder of the uppercase letters than start in the upperleft corner (such as H, K, L, U, etc.) and will start the curvier letters like C and O next!

Caleb also did some art one day, and we made a "gratitude garland" the day before Thanksgiving!

I Can Listen to Stories printable (Kinder Craze)
Gratitude Garland printable (Something Simple)

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