ivey league kindergarten: weeks in review

Here's what we did the past two weeks; we took a few days off due to doctor and dentist appointments but still got a lot done!

Caleb is doing a great job with his Hooked on Phonics.  Confession:  we're not using the audio CDs at this time.  We tried it the very first day of the first grade kit, and Caleb found it boring.  The CD introduced all the beginning word sounds at once, and repeated them over and over so it got boring for me too.  I didn't get why they were doing it that way when the workbook would introduce each sound individually.  And since each subsequent track on the CD seemed to consist of the woman reading each word sound, then directing your child to read it on his own, I figured I could do that just as well.  And so far it's working just fine!

During the past couple of weeks, Caleb learned sp-, sl-, sc-, and sk-.  He also earned four stars on his reading chart for reading four stories, including one of the very cool HOP books in the kit (the first grade ones are a lot more interesting than the kindergarten ones!).  We also did a lot of review by building words and reading sentences.

In math, Caleb continued to add using an number line, filling in missing numbers, and reviewing place value.  The workbook also introduced the concept of perimeter...right now we're simply counting inches around a rectangle but he gets the basic idea.

For Bible, we watched a couple more videos about Moses and learned about God leading His people through the desert as a cloud by day and fire by night.  I Googled clipart of fire and clouds, printed them out, and we glued them to a craft stick.

We also learned about God providing manna and quail for His people, as well as water from a rock.  Caleb did this quick activity where he had to find which two quails were exactly the same:

Finally, we finished How to Eat Fried Worms.  Caleb drew a picture of a worm, then had me go back and read aloud the list of condiments that Billy had available to him while eating the very first worm (ketchup, mustard, horseradish, honey, etc.).  Caleb was determined to draw them all, haha!

We started Beverly Cleary's The Mouse and the Motorcycle, and so far Caleb is enjoying it.

Cloud/Fire Craft Inspiration (Hands on Bible Teacher)
Manna and Quail Activity (Dover Publications)
I Can Listen to Stories printable (Kinder Craze)

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