ivey league kindergarten: week in review!

A little late, but here's what we did last week!

Caleb had a little more trouble with reading at first...I think his main problem is that he sees a word and answers too fast without really looking at it.  Then he gets frustrated that he made a mistake, and sometimes if he upsets himself enough, we're pretty much done with reading for the day.  I tried to find other ways to help him besides just reading out of the workbook.  We used the letters out of an alphabet puzzle to build words, and I also made little flashcards with each word family we've learned so far.

I also wrote down sentences for Caleb to read...this is one of his favorite ways to practice reading, especially if I make some of the sentences silly.

We continued to do a lesson (or sometimes a lesson and a half) of math every day.  This week the book introduced adding numbers by using a number line instead of counting objects that correspond to each number.  It was confusing even for me at first, but once I figured out a way to explain it to Caleb I think he caught on.

Recently I found a nice canister of colored pencils at Walmart (yay back to school clearance!), so right now Caleb is actually really enjoying coloring with them.  He keeps asking for things to color, which is still surprising to me since he used to hate coloring!

We also did a handwriting worksheet for the letter D:

For Bible lessons, we learned about the birth of Isaac, and then about how Rebekah came to be his wife.  I decided to skip the part in between when God tells Abraham to sacrifice Isaac.  Caleb probably already knows a little of this story from his storybook Bible, and maybe from Sunday School too, but he's kind of afraid of God right now.  He's not scared enough to not want to learn more about Him (thankfully), but he gets scared when we pray at bedtime because he says God might show up in his room and He's gigantic!  So we're trying to help Caleb understand that yes, God is mighty and powerful, but He is also gentle and loving and just wants to be Caleb's friend.  So I guess I was thinking if Caleb learned that God asked Abraham to do such a thing, he would miss the whole point of the story and instead just focus on the fact that God wanted him to give up his son.  I bet pretty soon we could go back over it and show Caleb how God provided the sacrifice in the end, that Abraham was faithful even when things didn't make sense, and how beautifully it parallels with the ultimate sacrifice Jesus would make generations later.  Right now, I don't think Caleb will see it that way, but soon!

Micah has done pretty well keeping himself occupied during school time...sometimes he insists on sitting in my lap at the table while Caleb's doing his work, but if Micah gets too distracting I try to set him up nearby with some toys and books.

We continued to read Henry and The Clubhouse and also went to storytime at the library now that they've started it back up.  With fall coming up soon, I'm excited that nicer weather is on its way so we can spend some more time outside!

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