ivey league preschool: v is for valentine!

How cool is it that our V Week happened right around Valentine's Day?  Though you wouldn't know it by the date of this post.  Trust me, it did.  :)

I could tell Caleb was getting bored with some of the activities we've been doing for all the previous letters, like the do-a-dot and play-doh mat pages, so we skipped those.  I still printed out the play-doh mat and pattern block puzzle mats for V and put them in his binder so he could do them later on if he wants.

Instead, we did a few Valentine-themed activities.  First, we worked on filling in the missing letters on hearts:

Then, we counted hearts and wrote in the corresponding number.  He needed more help with writing numbers, which makes sense because it turns out he's had more practice with letters.  Just something to focus on once we hit kindergarten!  His counting skills are great, however.

We also did a cut-and-glue activity where we matched up pictures of objects according to their beginning sounds.  Caleb did a great job cutting out the items, and pretty much did this one on his own.  He just needed a little help with "kettle" (we don't use a kettle in our kitchen so no wonder he didn't know what it was!).

Finally, we did our magazine scavenger hunt and collage for the letter V:

We looked for Valentine-themed books at the library, but they were pretty much cleaned out by other people.  So we found some other ones having to do with hearts and love!

Our V Books:
My Heart is Like a Zoo by Michael Hall
Louise Loves Art by Kelly Light
Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin

Heart Missing Letters and Beginning Sounds Worksheets (Teachers Pay Teachers)
I Heart Counting Worksheet (Mess for Less)

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